Everything you need to look radiant this summer

We make reference on how to get the iron or the curling iron suitable for you, the personalized jewels of precious and affordable models, and the benefits of the natural soap that your skin will appreciate.

During the summer holidays you have more time to devote to the same, although there are many women who straighten their hair throughout the year, regardless of whether they have to make the effort to get up early to get to work with a good ‘look ’. In these cases, you should know how to choose the right hair straightener for every need, because you want it or not, the plates always cause damage to the hair, and you have to choose the least harmful.

On the website of Bellicius We found a definitive analysis on hair straighteners where they stand out the 5 most demanded by professionals, with a long service life and excellent results.

The plates of the plates are those that manage to straighten the hair radiating heat, and for this reason, it is convenient to pay attention to the material of these. Ceramic plates are the most common and are also very effective, since they reduce static electricity and slide perfectly on the hair. Tourmaline or titanium are other materials used in the plates, which also allow combinations, for example, ceramic and marble slabs.

Find the best curling brush to wear hair this summer

And while some want to have straight hair, others see them and want to have it curly, and for the latter it is essential to find a good curling brush. The market has so many offers of these that overwhelms, therefore, the most suitable is to have a definitive guide made by professionals who have tested them.

One that adapts to all types of hair and gets all the curls is that of the GHD brand, only that it costs more than 100 euros. For those who don't want to scratch their pockets, Ckeyin and Anjou hair curlers are highly effective, all from the range of professional hair curlers. You have to choose the easiest to use and see what type of haircut they are for, since they are usually different from those of medium cut or long cut.

Bet on natural soap to show a smooth and clean skin

There is increasing social awareness that the chemicals in cosmetics and personal hygiene products are harmful to the skin. So if you want to give a gift to your skin, you have to return to traditional soap, to the method of making soap "lifetime". Only in this way do we know the ingredients and take care of the skin based on them.

The natural soap It does not have any of the disadvantages of chemical soaps that can cause allergies and other skin irritations. In addition, these natural soaps are biodegradable, something essential today.

Among the natural soaps is Marseille or Castilla, a whole world of fragrances to choose from. In addition, it is known what its ingredients are, always natural and healthy.

Personalized and designer jewelry to shine this summer

If you are looking for personalized and designer jewelry, the store MG Atelier It sells to all places in Spain and has a very suggestive stock of bracelets, necklaces and earrings for women and girls. The materials with which they are manufactured are: gold silver and white gold.

In summer, the anklets are especially beautiful, as well as very affordable. Counting that a silver bracelet with cord and zirconia, only costs 10 euros, you can look radiant for little money.

The value of the jewels is greater and more intangible to the extent that they are personalized, so for a little money you can make a gift of love or friendship, have this jewel that is a work of art in itself, and also, it will have the names of loved ones printed on it.

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