Emotional Marketing: Strategies with emotions 【2019】

Emotional MarketingDoes this concept sound like? Many people think that customers think again and again about a product or service before buying it, however, this is very far from reality, by doing a good job of emotional marketing we can get customers to buy with the heart or with the feelings.

In our case, we use this marketing strategy in our mass emails (with the possibility of sending more than 75,000 free monthly emails), when we need to create an email marketing campaign, it is important to know the product well, but much more important to know the customer . While this is not always possible to do 100%, there are many ways to reach the hearts of potential customers.

Let's give an example, in a spotify spot, can be seen as a teenage boy, fight to find the best way to talk about "what happened last night", since he is not able to find the best words to communicate, he uses the function of sharing a song to express himself, this emotion is what awakens us and pushes us towards the product and not the opposite direction.

Here you can see the spot:

These emotions can be the following:

  • Joy
  • Hate
  • Astonishment
  • Admiration
  • Ecstasy
  • Pain
  • Melancholia

These emotions must learn to work and develop it in the area of ​​emotional marketing. And this is where the game of the message function and the transmitting channel comes in.

It is important to note that emotional marketing Seeks a true emotional bond for customers and users through a 360 communication.

In other words, we have to look for people to identify themselves with the website's website or the campaign that is being marked in essence.

Emotional marketing and lovemark

It is important to highlight this but the Love Mark has a maximum expression to humanize all the values ​​about a person. This means that the work of attributes and values ​​is important in order to achieve an emotional connection determination for all clients.

In short, we want the customer to feel really identified with the brand.

emotion marketing

Advantages of emotional marketing

At this time we will teach you one of the main advantages that emotional marketing can bring us and these are the following:


Campaigns should always have an emotional impact for customers, as this gives us great satisfaction from the true human side.

Brand Image

The image of the brand greatly facilitates the perception of the colors and creativity of the client and this will in turn cause the best attributes of humanization

Customer Link

This means a lot with emotions apart from that we must find out if the campaign connects with the client's link

customer marketing

Customer satisfaction

More than being a client of the emotional marketing campaign it is important to achieve true satisfaction, this means what the customer really perceives through a given product or information.

Message Recall

It is important to determine the campaign and make it really successful so that the client has a memory of the message.

Example of emotional marketing

We are now going to rely on a variety of examples that have a lot to do with emotional marketing. And this is knowing how to connect with all human beings; Like the same word, "emotions" to many people is characterized as graphic and auditory language.

It is important to seek and organize all your efforts so that you get an emotional response from your audience.

Always try something different!


Happiness is the biggest driver of likes, shares, conversions and therefore, income in marketing. Happiness is perhaps the best example of emotional marketing.


Science says that the feeling of sadness stimulates the production of oxytocin, which is also known as the stress hormone.

A marketing campaign can easily work as the first step in getting people to connect.


Can you really use the feeling of anger to market your brand? Yes, of course … although it is not the feeling of anger that makes campaigns successful. It is the answer to her.

Normal people who feel upset about social injustices easily relate to the brands that highlight those issues in their marketing campaigns. This explosion can work positively towards the success of a marketing campaign, as long as you can justify how the brand supports the solution beyond just issuing an ad.


The fourth basic emotion that is associated not only with human beings but with all living beings is the emotion of fear. By activating the feeling of fear in users, and then letting them know how your product or service can help prevent such terrible things from happening is an emotional marketing trick that has worked for many years.

Stimulating the feeling of "freedom from fear" can inspire users to recognize your brand and connect with it.

What is marketing as such?

Marketing means marketing or marketing. Although it has a more widespread use, during word. This discipline studies the behavior of markets and the needs of consumers

emotional "width =" 617 "height =" 397 "srcset =" https://www.troglod.com/wp-content/uploads/emocional.jpg 617w, https://www.troglod.com/wp-content/ uploads / emotional-300x193.jpg 300w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 617px) 100vw, 617px "/><noscript><img class=The 4 Ps of marketing

  • Product or service
  • Point of sale or distribution
  • Price
  • Promotion.

Marketing helps companies achieve goals, apart from that, they improve sales and brand perception.

Companies use email marketing tools to reach customers as quickly and as invasively as possible, also emphasizing the brand so that potential customers of products or services never lose sight of the brand, even much more than the product.


It is said that for a strategy to have a positive result, they must determine this:

  • Short-Term Manageable Variables
  • Short-Term Unmanageable Variables

VMCPs are all those that exert a direct action. They are usually the 4 P´s

However, there are other short-term variables and these are more related to the environment

Some of these variables would be.

  • Political Factors
  • Legal Factors
  • Cultural Factors
  • Economic factors
  • Demographic Factors
  • Natural resources
  • Socio-Economic Structure

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