EMHU: World meeting of humor in A Coruña

Good morning, for those who do not know the week of May 13 to 19, a festival of humor is celebrated in A Coruña in which we will enjoy the most transversal and multigenerational comedy.

The EMHU was born with the idea of ​​establishing the main humor festival in Spain in Coruña and to honor the comedy.

The EMHU will gather for the first time to Luis Piedrahita, Ana Morgade, What what Y Xosé A. Touriñán In the same show.

The cast of artists complete it Carlos Blanco, Joaquin Reyes, Marta Flich, Facu Díaz, Miguel Maldonado, David Love, Javier Veiga, David Perdomo, Alex Clavero, J.J. Cowboy, Alejandro Dolina, the creators of “The World Today ” And a long etcetera.

As I said the EMHU is a multigenerational festival for that reason they want children to enjoy comedy and has included two shows dedicated to the smallest of the house.


Chiquijamming EMHU
May 17 at 12: 00h

It is the family improvisation show of the company Jamming. It is a fun, dynamic, fresh and educational and participatory show. Based on phrases, drawings and other suggestions of the children, the actors improvise stories according to different styles: abecedaring, resume, complete the frasing, choose your own aventuring … Attendees who dare will go on stage to participate with nosotring in a party Theatrical improvised.


Dragons and Chupacabras EMHU
May 19 at 12: 00h

DRAGONS AND CHUPACABRAS, A BILINGUAL ADVENTURE is the show that the prestigious American author Adam Rubin He has prepared for the EMHU. An excellent bilingual storytelling show (Spanish-English) based on your books and designed for children. On this occasion Adam will present two of his greatest hits, The Chupacabras Y Dragon´s Love Tacos. Two stories full of humor, adventures, tenderness and lovely hungry monsters. During the show the children listen, participate and learn new words from the hands of a native writer. And at the end of the show, a question and answer shift opens where children can clarify their doubts about the stories heard and the words learned.

Do you feel like having a fun time with your family? Well, the organizers of the EMHU have been very generous and allow me to get around 10 DOUBLE TICKETS for each of these two shows.

Draw Mechanics:

The draw begins with the publication of this post and ends on Friday, May 3 at 23:59

To participate you must search my Facebook page for the publication with the photo of the show you want to attend with your child and once there:

  • Like the image.
  • Comment on the image by inviting two friends to participate.

It is NOT required to be a follower of the page

You can participate in the raffle for both shows, following the same steps in the two images.

On Saturday 4 the 20 winners will be announced who should contact me before midnight on Sunday, May 5 and provide me with their email so that we can send you the pdf entries.

Good luck and have a great week!

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