All entrepreneurs who at some point decided to start their own business, were unaware that it is an investment project and this caused many headaches to the act like a true entrepreneur.

We know that in the business world you should be trained to avoid an early failure of your organization and among the issues of importance is the Learn how to make an investment project to have a well-designed strategic plan.

In this post I share information that goes from the concept of the investment project, the structure of an investment project, sales presentation, among other important data that you should consider when preparing an investment project to avoid mistakes.

What is an Investment Project?

The definition of investment project is lto planning that is carried out through an analysis of a series of studies on the factors that could benefit the organization.

It is vital that all information is reflected in a document for future evaluation and thus know the reality projected towards the next business.

Importance of an Investment Project

The importance of every project lies in provide information to owners, managers, partners or investors of a business regardless of size, for efficient decision making on issues that may mainly affect the financial situation and worsen or improve the company.

In the investment project, in addition to guiding a correct decision-making process, generate a plan or some action program to know the viability of the business That has been thought.

If the business idea will be correct, you will confirm it with an investment project analysis prior to applying your project to the company and you will know in this way if you will have a medium or long-term profitability.

Objectives of an Investment Project

Any investment project of a company you must meet these objectives to be truly an effective project:

  • help to determine the financial resources that the business requires to start, not only contemplating fixed assets, supplies and materials, but also the personnel to be employed.
  • Reduce the risks of failure, that is, you should know with approximation in case you do not know exactly those expenses that are necessary (rental of establishment, electricity, telephone, etc.).
  • Contemplate the possibility that you amortize expenses for at least the first 3 months in what you start to have a greater presence in the marking.
  • Plan the financial resources of the purchase of fixed assets for the production and the time of the recovery of the investment.
  • Have a complete business x-ray to know the financing opportunities for the business, either own investment or some government financing program.

In some cases the entrepreneur has an investment product of their previous projects or jobs, this allows them opening your business with the lowest risk of failure, because in addition to liquidity, he has more administrative experience.

Elements of an Investment Project

The elements or stages of an investment project They are made up of a list of topics directly related to profitable business factors.

These elements are related to:

Within these elements we can not miss the historical references of the competition, this, with the purpose of detecting areas of opportunity that we must solve before applying them to the business.

Characteristics of an Investment Project

They are primarily that this has a main purpose and is the solve a problem related to the viability of the new opening business.

The qualitative and quantitative data it contains give parameters for Know the cost of the business, the return of the investmention and estimated utility mainly.

Types of Investment Project

The types of investment project can be for the public sector; will be directly related to social or governmental programs, for example:

Social Investment Project

Instead, the private sector projects, which is our particular subject, helps gather important information for analysis, this allows the owners, entrepreneurs or future directors of the company to make the best decision.

The difference between the two investment projects lies solely in the research approach, since in the private sector there is competition from other businesses and not in the public.

Stages of an Investment Project

The stages or the life cycle of an investment project can be summarized as follows:

Stages of the Investment Project

As every project has a useful start and validity, and this case is no exception, so we break down the life cycle:


The first stage is to know exactly the current situation in the market and the need to satisfy, this will allow you to find new opportunities to better focus your investment idea.


Once the idea is known, a formulation of costs and benefits to know the opening of your business.

For this you must have a general company profile, that is to say, to which it will be dedicated, the objectives to reach and to see some alternatives of solution for not fulfilling a possible satisfaction.

When the costs are already projected, you can analyze the application in the market, in this way you will know if the strategy you set out to work is feasible.

For measure the road At least you must have 3 points to study:

  1. Technique: Know her capacity of your business in relation to the technology you will handle, the type of machinery and your workforce, the supplies and materials you require, the facilities such as your warehouse or warehouse, the establishment where you will serve your client and work, accessibility of your business, that is, easy search in your community .
  2. Legal: It is important to know if they exist rules or any law that prevents us from complying With our business.
  3. Economic: What you are looking for is know how profitable the investment will be That will be in business. In this regard, the market study will come into play, which I will deepen below.


When you have already analyzed that your business is viable and profitable, you must continue with the water part of your objective as an entrepreneur, It is time to take action and execute the business plan You already determined.

At this point you must design the structure corresponding to your business, let's put a example: you will make an investment project of a cafeteria, this will be close to a university, in this case you already identified the competition and you realized that your idea is different from them, that is, you will have a plus that in addition to having a coffee at a price accessible, people can take a book from your library at no cost.

At this point you must work on the image of the establishment, from the interior, real estate, machinery, image of the seller, etc.


During the operation of your business, you must at all times collect information from your client and your employees to know if your investment plan is working or not, and take another convenient strategy that does not make you lose.

You need verify which problems They are coming forward to solve them.

How to make an investment project?

It is of importance of an investment project do it in a structured way to facilitate profitability and road of your business in the medium or long term, so you must organize it in an appropriate way for its analysis.

Before knowing how to make an investment project, I leave the following types of studies, which are those that must be carried out for the correct structuring of the investment project.

Financial Study of an Investment Project

This study is one of those finalizes the investment project informationHowever, I decided to explain it first because of the importance of being the one who closes the investment project.

The main objective is to order and systematize all the information related to the monetary field that in the rest of the stages provides the necessary information for the profitability of the business.

You should also take into account the Tax Laws and how to use them in your favor, such as the Tax Stimuli of VAT and ISR on the Border that the government is granting.

The type of investments which can regularly be considered, are:

Types of Investments of an Investment Project

Technical Study of an Investment Project

Within this step of the project will be contained everything related to manufacturing, transformation or production processes.

I put it this way, at this stage you must solve where the production or service area will be established, when you will start it, how much it will generate expenses or costs and with what supplies or materials you will have to produce.

Market Study of an Investment Project

When you have a business or previously imagined it already in operation, this point is for analysis, it is recommended that you stop to review the concept you want to have, that is, if your business will be a restaurant, it must have a concept that will be focused on a certain target.

Therefore, here is a practical example of an investment project so that the idea is much clearer:

Taking up the idea of ​​a restaurant, let's imagine that this will be buffet style, you should look from the physical location, interior design, type of furniture, even the type of dishes, glasses, among others, always thinking about your potential client.

Market research helps you to test, to solve the question How will you sell it?; In addition to not only the concept of your product is enough, you must relate it with a proper name, your business name.

At this point you must review the institutional communication that will define your business, corporate image and everything related to colors, sizes, typography for your logo and elements related to your advertising. To delve deeper into the topic we leave you the following video that will help you define your logo since it will build your entire corporate image:

Basically this study will give you the guideline of knowing the demand that your business would have.

Organization Study of an Investment Project

In order for a business to come to fruition it must go through different stages, they must start through the administrative consolidation as legal through a charter mainly to be Moral person.

Having a charter of your business It will help you when you already have a considerable growth of your business Or think about involving investors in your project.

Sometimes the advantages of being legally constituted is that you will have opportunity for financing of government projects.

Additionally, the fact that your company is fiscally organized will give you the opportunity to declare your income and expenses with the opportunity to deduct all the expenses of the corresponding period for your statements from any facturation system electronics.

Structure of an Investment Project

The structure of the investment project is perhaps a bit difficult to apply, although as I mentioned earlier it is necessary, otherwise the information would not be collected in an orderly manner and the sufficient value would not be taken to the data obtained for the analysis of the decisions.

How to present an investment project?

It is not complicated to present a project, since There are many tools that allow you to give a presentation and structure to it.

It is advisable that, if you have no idea how to do it, go to a business administrator, or to a professional who at least once in a while you could consult to know the status of your project presentation.

When you make your presentation do not forget place an introduction to know the origin of your business.

Regardless of who presents your investment project, it must always contain the following elements and structure:

Structure to Present an Investment Project

Evaluation of an Investment Project

To confirm how you are going in this project or if you are going to invest in one, it is appropriate carry out the evaluation of an investment project, so we suggest you solve certain questions that will give you the opportunity to explore a new area of ​​opportunity or redirect it.

I suggest the following:

  • The investment project it was profitable from your application or test stage?
  • In the process did you detect other projects that are more profitable?, which are?
  • What has been the investment risk you have discovered?

When there is Several investment project options are all about evaluating through the following options:

  • The GO or Net present value: It is one of the most used, defined as the discounted sum of the cash flows of the project.
  • The IRR or Internal Rate of Return: It allows evaluating the project, the internal rate of return will be that discount rate that makes the Net Present Value equal to zero.
  • The Return on Investment or ROI: As the name implies, it will be evaluated according to the investment benefit recovered.

I hope this information has been complete enough and will guide you when making an investment project or show you what you should receive if you want to invest in a business.

You already have the elements, now there is no excuse to eat a new business and become a boss. Luck!

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