Dry mascara – What to do to reuse the mascara?

dry mascara

Meet the dry mascara, is something that surely happened to you more than once. It's a pain, but you don't have to lose your temper because of it. Because it has a solution and not just one, but several that we can carry out. So we will not have to throw mascara and spend more on another similar product.

Sometimes the dry mascara can be the product of having closed the boat badly, or that its expiration date has arrived. Yes, cosmetic products are also dated and expire, like the vast majority of groceries. Whatever the reason, today we will relive your mascara. Discover how!

A few drops of olive oil for dry mascara

If you see that your mascara is quite dry and you cannot use it, one of the simplest steps to take is this. Is about pour a couple of drops of olive oil. Only a couple of them is enough! If you do not have, almond oil or another essential of this type, will work. Once we have thrown the oil, we will have to beat a few seconds, in order to soften the product. You will see how in less time than you think, you can use your favorite mascara again. Of course, the adherence may not be the same.

dry mascara

Warm the mascara

Another of the basic steps is this. Perhaps it is even easier for you, and it is complicated that it has nothing. We need to heat a glass with water. You can do it in the microwave. Wait until it is very hot and very carefully, you remove the glass and place the closed mascara canister inside it. With the heat of the water, the product will soften inland. But yes, you should leave it until the water is warm. At least about 15 or 20 minutes.

Physiological serum

For all that mascara that is basic and not ‘Waterproof’So this is one of the best remedies. Again, we must apply a couple of drops inside the mascara canister. We shake it and check if we can already use it. If it is still something dry, then, we take two more drops and perform the same process until our mascara is already ready to be used.

tricks for dry mascara

Tips for mascara do not dry

In addition to applying the above steps, to give life to dry mascara, we can also avoid reaching them. You will see how the care of your products is also something basic!

  • Don't leave the mascara tube open More time than necessary. Because a lot of air can enter and speed up the drying effect. Perhaps most of the time we don't even realize it. We leave it either badly closed or, because of the rush that is never good counselors.


  • Try do not remove excess product on top of tube. Something we do frequently and where a thick dry layer is created. Try to leave it by the walls of the tube, before removing it to the surface. Otherwise, you can always remove the excess with a tissue. Since even if you think you are saving by leaving it on top of the tube, it is not always the case, because it will end up drying out and we will not use it.
  • Try soak the mascara brush, little by little, inside the tube. Because the faster we do it, the more air will enter. So, we already know that the more air, then the faster it will dry.

Now you know how you can use the mascara without problem and taking care of everything you need. Because the care of these products also guarantees their long life. Since sometimes we usually buy good products, of big brands and this translates into a good financial outlay. So we must try to last as long as possible.

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