Discover the new global structure of Condé Nast

Count Nast announces the appointment of a new global leadership team designed to accelerate its evolution towards a media company of the 21st century. The new organizational structure, which integrates Condé Nast and Condé Nast International into a unified global team, responds to several founding principles of the group, including the strength and authority of local teams; the focus on the consumer; the reconciliation of local and global customer needs; and the development of new formulas to share knowledge, skills and good practices globally.

The new structure will be organized as follows:

– Global Content Features: Anna Wintour, Artistic Director of the USA UU., Director of Vogue USA UU. and Global Content Consultant, will continue in her role as Art Director of the USA. UU. and Director of Vogue EE. UU. In addition, Wintour will act as Global Content Consultant and oversee the central hub of Vogue International content. For their part, the different editions of Vogue will continue to maintain their own editorial identity in each of the markets. Pray Katzeff, president of Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE), will be leading the expansion of the company's digital video, film and television operations, with the aim of creating the best possible audiovisual content experiences for audiences around the world. Currently, the company is promoting the development of audiovisual content and currently generates 1,100 million monthly views.

– Organization of global operations: Wolfgang Blau, President, International & Chief Operating Officer will supervise all international markets (with the exception of USA), and will lead certain global strategic functions, including Product & Technology, Data, Licenses, Global Editorial Operations, Business Development and Delivery & Business Transformation. This organization aims to ensure day-to-day operational excellence and knowledge sharing, as well as collaborative work throughout the company.

– Global commercial organization: Pamela Drucker Mann, Global Chief Revenue Officer & President, U.S. Revenue, will lead a new global commercial organization. Jamie Jouning, promoted to Chief Client Officer, will report to Drucker Mann and oversee key global accounts and large multinational agreements. Drucker Mann will define the sales strategy and commercial product worldwide and collaborate with local commercial teams to provide the best service to the group's customers.

– Consumer Marketing Organization: One of the main bets of this new organization is the creation of a Global Consumer Marketing Management. This division will revolutionize the services that the group offers to the consumer, creating a unique value proposition on each platform. The services of membership, the brandingglobal the research and the development of a global audience will be competencies of this department, all from a data-inspired approach as a source to make the best decisions. The search for a CMO to lead this new department will begin immediately.

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