I tell you something, find out about the Setroc Smart Lockers It arrives at a precise moment, because I had just seen this type of smart lockers in some places in my city.

I found them interesting, quite intuitive in the use and that they fulfilled their function very well towards me, as an end customer: secure my important items besides charging my smartphone, while doing some shopping.

I thought they were slogans that the same place decided to create, so perhaps it would not be something that could be implemented in other spaces. But I was wrong, the reality is that there are companies, like Setroc in Spain, dedicated to creating specialized smart lockers for each need, depending on what the client requires.

What are the Smart Lockers?

Well, in short, they are smart slogans or lockers, with a security focus.

Smart, because they are designed according to the needs and objectives of the client. Both in hardware as software.

Talking about hardware:

  • These slogans can be designed to adapt the compartments to the available space in the place that client wishes to locate them.
  • It also has the versatility of including physical modules to expand storage functions:
    • QR code readers.
    • Touchscreens.
    • RFID readers.
    • Card readers 💳 (very useful!)
    • Collection modules. 💰 (even more useful!)
    • Numerical keyboards
    • C. P. U.
    • Charging cables for phones.
    • Surveillance cameras 📹
  • This is something important because it is not pleasant to acquire a product for which the dynamics of the company have to change everything around to make it work, It is best to purchase a product that your supplier adapts to fit within your dynamic.
Setroc: Smart Locker hardware example
Image belonging to: Copyright © Setroc Manufacturas Metálicas S.L. found in the Smart Lockers data sheet available on its website.

Talking about software:

  • According to the physical modules that are added to the smart slogans, the software that manages them can come in a standard version, or be modified with the functions that best suits the client.
  • With this, the use you can give to Smart Lockers will be the key point to route the adaptation. Thus, the resources you have are used efficiently; which translates into money savings.

They are focused on security. The main motivation to have secure storage compartments is to protect assets, both personal and corporate.

What are Smart Lockers for?

The applications of these slogans are only limited to the imagination. For example, while I was examining the Setroc smart slogans section, some business ideas already appeared in my mind in some areas of the city where I could place them and satisfy a specific niche.

And already in practice, they are implemented in some companies, from different industries with varied commercial and logistical objectives.

Two of those applications that would have a good projection in my city, for example:

  • The luggage storage, because with so much tourist movement, the custodian of suitcases becomes a priority need for travelers or agents who mobilize confidential information.
  • Delivery and collection of parcels, In a city highly affected by vehicular traffic, such as several in the world, to several of us who purchase products through the Internet or correspondence, it would be very useful to have a self-service place where, just by typing a special code or passing my card, I can pick up my products.
Setroc: Smart Locker hardware example
Image belonging to: Copyright © Setroc Manufacturas Metálicas S.L. found in the Smart Lockers data sheet available on its website.

Benefits of Smart Lockers

It may be that having already mentioned what intelligent slogans are used for, it is repetitive to mention benefits. However, it is one thing to know the functions that a product fulfills, and another thing is understand how it benefits me That these functions be fulfilled.

To finish this article, let me explain it with An example of a real case at the local supermarket chain in my city.

In that place, there is some dynamics to prevent theft of items by users. At the entrance of the premises there is a bookcase where users should leave their wallets or bags, in a compartment with a key lock, similar to that of a newspaper. So the user makes their purchases, and having already gone through the box then goes to the bookshelf to remove his bag.

The problem in this place is that the shelf is already damaged and more than half of compartments no longer close. This occurs, because the locks are not of good quality, the keys are fragile, and the users do not take care of the shelf because it does not give a true sense of security.

Now, imagine that you are the owner of that place. This is causing Your security process to prevent theft no longer works, Well, with these conditions you cannot require all users to comply. And those who do it sometimes damage the object you defined more.

Instead, by having one of these Smart Lockers, you would make users have a true sense of security, that the items they are leaving in the compartments if they are taken care of. This would not only facilitate security personnel so that users do not enter with bags or purses, but also encourage the use of smart slogans. This way you would ensure that the security process you defined is fulfilled. Preventing theft within the premises.

This, in other words, leads you to save money.

It is true that Smart Lockers have benefits such as the quality of material, the safety of items and the adaptability of spaces. But Above all, it contributes to the one who is most interested: saving money.

Greetings and blessings,

Jonathan Ricardo Proaño Alcívar

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