Decorate a wall with slate paint: Pirate Castle

A few days ago I put on my Instagram profile the photo of the Pirate Castle Mural that I painted in my oldest son's room.

I've been thinking about decorating a wall with slate paint in my son's room for a while but I wasn't sure it could look good. In the end I decided on a pirate castle, since it plays a lot with the castle and the wooden pirate ship of the Lidl.

I did not plan to post about it since it seems something quite simple to do, but they have suggested it to me so here it goes.

To paint our pirate castle with slate paint we need:

  • Slate Paint
  • Masking tape
  • Small roller
  • Tray
  • Small brush

The process is quite simple.

First we clean the wall with a damp cloth. We can use to repair small blows with paste to the water and sanding gently.

Then we cover the skirting board with the bodybuilder's tape and "draw" the shape of our castle on the wall.

I don't have photos of this part of the process, as I told you, I didn't plan to upload it to the blog

I chose a simple form with two lateral towers and a flag, but I leave you some images that can inspire you. If you are not very creative, I recommend printing the image and having it in sight to copy it as best as possible on the wall.

The next thing is to fill the castle by painting, first with the small brush by the edges and then with the roller the rest.

The first layer will not be perfect, you will see lighter areas than others.

Nothing happens, you have to wait between 12 and 24h between layers depending on the paint you buy.

Here you have the photo of the first layer.

We wait the next day for the second layer, as you can see I took the opportunity to add the flag that was not in the original design.

Finally we remove the bodybuilder's tape carefully, if the paint is lifted somewhere you can touch up with a normal fine brush. Then I have drawn the details like the roofs and the windows with colored chalk.

As you can see it is very simple, the most difficult thing is to draw the silhouette on the wall with the bodybuilder tape, the rest is really a matter of painting.

I confirm that the paint is washable without any problem, with a simple damp cloth and does not deteriorate.

Now you can let your children paint on the walls!

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