Dakota, between the vulgarity and the coldness of her boyfriend

Written by: David Lopez Perez June 26, 2019 No comment 1 minute

Dakota became yesterday the sad protagonist of the Gala of Survivors. The young woman was reprimanded for her attitude and, minutes later, gave her the joy that she was saved by the audience. That translated it turns out that the more times he says what does not come out of the bisector, the same one that scratches while lying in the shade, doing something, the more support he has from outside.

And it is that neither the push to Colate, nor its continuous disrespect, or silent support of Isabel Pantoja, nor can anyone with a girl who has come up like the foam without anyone putting any remedy. Moreover, as she was punished by the program she was allowed to speak with whoever she wanted. Does anyone understand something?

Ruben Dakota

She chose her boyfriend Ruben. The engineer told him «Speak well to people. Find your life well, I am very proud. I'm fine, they're all good », at least his advice was right. He also added that "I see you from put * mother" after she commented on the following verse from Garcilado de la Vega, "How dry you are, how disgusting».

«Respect people and behave as you are. Well, a kiss »Rubén finished. We must remember that this subject was supposedly caught in an infidelity that he himself has denied.

It will be necessary to see if this is confirmed what the contestant will do when he sees that he has more horns than the coat of a count and that it is at the height of the bitumen. Well, that's what they signed her for. To throw it into the container of the broken toys when you go all the way through the chopper. We await your comments on this.

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