The Plenary of the Commonwealth of Services Comsermancha held last Friday, August 2, the first session, after the constitution, of the new Corporation that will manage the services provided in it until 2023.

20190802 Plenary Extra Comsermancha - Concepción Rodriguez will be a member of the Government and Finance Commission of ComsermanchaIn this first session, of extraordinary character, the regime of celebrations of the ordinary sessions was approved, which will take place on the first Friday of each month at 9:00 p.m.

Constitution of political groups

Then, he realized the constitution of the political groups represented in the plenary and the members who will exercise the spokespersons. In the case of the Popular Party, it will be borne by Emilio Lara Patiño (Miguel Esteban); Pedro Ángel Jiménez Carretón (Argamasilla de Alba) will work for the group of the Spanish Socialist Party, and for United We-Left United, María Vicenta Ortiz Cicuendez (Puebla de Almuradiel).

Comsermancha Commissions

For the commissioning of the different commissions and the proper functioning of the Commonwealth, the Government and Finance Commission was constituted and appointed, which will be composed of Rosa Melchor (Alcazar de San Juan), Concepción Rodríguez Palancas (Inheritance), Emilio Lara (Miguel Esteban), Carlos Alberto Ortiz (Pedro Muñoz), José Rubén Torres (Quero), Ovidio González (Santa María de los Llanos), Monserrat Moreno (Tomelloso) and will preside, the president of the Commonwealth, Pedro Ángel Jiménez (Argamasilla de Alba).

In addition, the informative commissions of the Plenary, Environment Board, RSU, Machinery, Landfill and Consumers, Advice and Agenda 21 matters, and the new R & D & I and Project and Investment Monitoring Committee were appointed, as well as the commission mixed that is in charge of the surveillance and control of the works that the contracting company of the collection and treatment of garbage has been carrying out.

In relation to generic and area-specific commissions, Jiménez delegated different commissions:

  • The presidency of RSU and Selectiva, as well as that of the Clean Points in José María Viller (Quintanar de la Orden).
  • Landfills, Consumers, Tourism and Animal Collection in Ángel Casarrubios (Campo de Criptana).
  • Advice, Environment, Agenda 21, Collection and Training in Julián Bolaños (Villafranca de los Caballeros).
  • R&D and Monitoring of Projects and Investments in María Rosario Leo (El Toboso), and Machinery in Alberto Sánchez (Arenales de San Juan).

The president, Pedro Ángel Jiménez, affirmed that an attempt has been made to make the most equitable distribution possible, and wished everyone good luck in their management, asking them to work so that all the proposals reach the plenary with the maximum consensus and are approved unanimously , And for this it is necessary to continue maintaining the high levels of “negotiation, dialogue and good atmosphere that characterizes this house”.

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