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Transmitting the right message from your brand through a logo is not an easy task. Shapes, composition and typography play a decisive role in this, and also in an important way Color can tell things about our business.

The colors in marketing help to improve the understanding and reading of our brand, make it recognizable, and sometimes influence customer buying judgments. But how to properly choose the color for your brand? Take note of what we tell you.

What does each of the colors mean in marketing

Traditionally the colors have been classified as warm or cold according to the sensation of temperature they transmit and the states they produce in our brain.

In this way, they are called colors warm the reds, yellows, oranges and certain types of greens. And colors cold the blues, violets, grays, blacks, and also certain shades of greens and browns.

The first are cheerful, intense tones, related to the summer months, sun and heat. The latter refers to low temperatures, ice, depth and winter months.

This first psychological classification could help you a lot when filtering colors for your brand, and according to the values ​​of the same. But also, Each color has a certain symbology associated with different meanings., always used in the field of design and creativity. We review some of these meanings and how they influence our feelings:


It is the color of the sea and the sky, and as such it is associated with tranquility, stability or depth. It is also associated with seriousness and sincerity, cleanliness and health.

Thus It is usual to be used to represent brands of cleaning and sanitary products. Also some brands of cars, or financial entities (stability, sincerity) have turned to blue for their brand image.


Red is energy, passion, strength, boldness and emotion. It is also the color of love and fire. It has been traditionally used to represent danger, for example in road signs.

Some brands that have used red for their logo are Coca Cola or Kellogg´s.


Coca Cola


The yellow It represents sunlight, so it is usual to see it as the color of some summer cosmetics. It also symbolizes energy and happiness. He is optimistic and confident. Some shades of yellows are used as attention claims, for example in New York taxis. Classic brands like Post in Spain They have also been using it for many years. This is the new image of Correos: a new logo for a new era


Orange, being a mixture of red and yellow, also represents happiness, energy and sun. It is often used in healthy eating campaigns for young people, since It is a color that stimulates the brain and mental activity. Likewise, it usually represents fun.


Green is the color of nature, it represents growth, earth and freshness. It is also harmony and relaxation, and in some context it can be associated with peace and hope. Companies like Starbucks, and green and organic product brands use green as their brand color.


The violet color and in general the different ranges of purple are associated with nostalgia, imagination and creativity. It also suggests wealth, extravagance and mystery, and sometimes sadness.


The white color is purity, light, innocence. It is considered the color of perfection, is associated with seriousness and generally has positive connotations. In the market it is usually associated, for example, with some brands of light products, as well as cleaning products. It is also Used in high tech products, for example Apple.


Black is luxury, sophistication, seduction, formality and seriousness. Thus Brands like Chanel or Adidas have turned to him as a brand color. It is also the color of death and the unknown. All these meanings they can guide you In the search for a color for your brand. If you have a cleaning products company, it is more logical and effective for you to use green, blue or white ranges than black or red.

On the contrary, if your brand is related to technology, perhaps black and white, as well as gray ranges, may be more effective than resorting to an orange or a yellow.

The combinations of chronological ranges

Keep in mind that you can make color combinations. Associate two or more colors that can help you convey what you want. In these cases, maybe You should consider two types of color blends: harmonics and complementary color blends.

The first are those that use similar colors, or different shades of the same color. The latter use complementary colors (those that appear opposite in the chromatic circle) to generate vibrant, more striking and energetic compositions.

We leave you two examples of it. Two brands that use different color ranges to reach a similar audience: Fanta as an example of contrasting color combinations, and Airing as a sign of the harmonic use of the blues. color-for-your-brand2 color-for-your-brand3 Therefore, to find the right brand image, you must be clear about your brand values and the target audience you are targeting, and based on that, make a studied selection of fonts and colors that provide data about your business at first sight.

And you? Do you already know what the color will be for your brand?

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