Classification of hotels according to their stars

Has it ever happened to you that a lower category hotel seemed better than a higher category hotel? I believe that It has happened to most of us. There may be a 2 or 3 star hotel that has pleasantly surprised us and another of 4 that has disappointed us despite supposedly being better. All this has an explanation and has to do with the classification of hotels by stars that are currently in force, which we will see next, along with some tricks to not be guided only by the number of stars.

star hotel classification

Let's go to the mess!

The stars of the hotels are a identifying, this we have clear but of what? What is really "measured" with the number of stars and what does the category of hotels depend on? Who grants them and how?

Before continuing, I want to make a clarification. The legislation corresponding is the responsibility of each Autonomous Community therefore it is not the same in all Spain, nor in the rest of countries, although the differences are minimal. In this post, we will take as reference the Andalusian legislation.

So what do hotel categories tell us? Contrary to what many of us think They are not synonymous with quality, the category of a hotel is an identification of services and facilities. Let's look at the differences below in this super table we have made 🙂

Hotel classification by stars

star hotel classification

Facilities and services required according to number of stars

As you can see at no time is the customer treatment or the treatment of the workers, the quality of the facilities (only the quantity) or even the quality of the food. It's more a matter of "YES you have or DO NOT one of the requirements imposed by the law is had.

Actually, many times the stars are not as important as the details, which is what can really end up making a difference. Personalized treatment, careful decoration, good customer service, a good welcome … even details such as having good tablecloths for the hospitality industry. The breakfasts and the restoration in general have a great influence on the perception that the hotel client is going to take, so if the client is conquered by the stomach and with a cozy space to eat, he earns many points.

Therefore, my recommendation is to guide us through other data apart from by the stars. At present, we have endless information through the internet that can help us not to be mistaken when choosing a hotel. Something essential are the opinions of hotels on the internet, which I explained in this post that I wrote earlier.

It is what best fits reality, although there will always be some subjective comment, but usually they are users who have had an experience very similar to what you will have and the opinions are quite reliable. In addition, in many of them customers specify the strengths and weaknesses of each hotel, which can guide you according to your priorities (which are not the same for everyone).

On the other hand, apart from the comments I recommend seeing the Photos (We all do this) but you have to look at the details. For example, I consider the pictures of the bathroom very important, if the bathroom is large, if it is taken care of, if it is not very old, etc. If the bathroom is fine, the room will usually be too. With the photos of the rooms we can appreciate the decoration but this is not enough to ensure a good room.

Finally, another thing to keep in mind is the year of construction or the year of the last reformBe careful with this! Because sometimes they only reform one floor and if you have a room on an unreformed floor, you will be disappointed. Still it is another identifier, if the hotel is new it will have better facilities than if it is an old hotel. Keep in mind that many people go through a hotel over a year and this makes maintenance and wear much greater than that of a particular floor.

As I mentioned before, the category of a hotel also depends on each Autonomous Community or the country. To unify these requirements in the classification of hotels, a platform known as hotelstars, to which many of the countries of the European Union already belong and that through a points system, it grants each hotel its corresponding category. Furthermore, they do not only qualify the services and facilities, but also tthey also take into account the quality of services. In this way, we could be guided much better by the category of a hotel than with the current system, not only in Spain but also in other countries. But I think we still have a few years to enjoy this unification until then I leave the information of hotelstars where it specifies the requirements according to each hotel category.

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