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CK One by Calvin Klein

Ck One It was the first fragrance of what a great family is today. It was released in 1994, a fresh, unisex colony, belonging to the Aromatic Citrus olfactory family, which had a very good reception, both among men and women, which has made it become a best seller and has forced the reissues and limited editions periodic to maintain the exclusive lack of the firm.

The fragrance was a creation of Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont and in it we distinguish the fruity notes of the Pineapple, Tangerine Y Papaya, the citrus of Lemon (acid lime) mixed with green notes and light touches of bergamot and cardamom. In your heart you can taste floral notes of Violet, Lily Root, Lily of the Valley Y Roses, but nuanced with spices like Nutmeg.

The Base Notes, however, set a counterpoint to exotic essences, such as the Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Oak Moss and Cedarwood, which give it a certain weight over time and drown a little the first citrus, fruity and floral impression, which might be more feminine.

the starter fragrance has a wood, incense and lemon touch

at 5 minutes towards spicy woody that increase in warmth
at 30 minutes the perfume decreases the intensity of the wood and the spicy groups pointing to land lines with a cold water finish combining touches of orange and wood
at 1 hour the perfume gives warm incense woods equated by an orange that feels more bitter.
At 2 hours the aroma combines streaks of incense with orange giving an appearance of ripe fruit
at 6 o'clock the perfume acquires nuances that feel more masculine, with a wood that goes through tobacco and variations of the spicy makes cardamom.
at 12 hours amber dyes to a main line of dry wood that occasionally gives the idea of ​​a soapy variant of Xeryus Rouge.
at 24 hours the perfume returns to a unisex approach in wood with resin dots

The price is quite competitive and in many stores they do promotions as in SuperEsencia perfumery that usually have it in promotion

In short, it is a fresh, active, young colony, ideal for use in summer, after sports and very suitable for outdoor activities. Indoors or at night it loses its consistency slightly.

From this colony a good number of limited editions have been made from time to time, among which we can highlight Ck One Graffiti, from 2003, unisex; CK One Scene, 2005, unisex; Ck One Electric of 2006, unisex; CK One Collector Bottle 2008, unisex, CK One Shock For Him & For Her in 2011 and CK One Shock Street Edition for Him & For Her in 2012.

CK One videos by Calvin Klein

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