The World Paddle Tour 2019 it is the seventh edition of the professional circuit of the World Paddle Tour; This edition, which will be held throughout the year 2019, will consist of 19 tests carried out in 7 countries; This edition being the most international in the history of the professional circuit of the World Paddle Tour.

The circuit will feature tests in Spanish cities such as: Marbella, Logroño, Vigo, and Menorca; also with new tests in: Brazil, Sao Paulo, England, London and Mexico, Mexico City. While the final master will be played in Spain, Barcelona.

Since the end of the final master's degree, at the end of December 2018, the World Paddle Tour is in a constant immersed stop; which is leaving endless news and whose informative news goes through the new couples that will start in 2019.

Of the couples that finished in 2018 among the top ten positions, there are only four couples that remain. The two that will start in the highest part of the ranking are: Sanyo Gutiérrez with Maxi Sánchez, and Fernando Belasreguín with Pablo Lima; the sixth starring the Spanish Uri Botello and Javi Ruiz; and the tenth formed by Juan Cruz Belluati with Pablo Lijó, which began at the end of 2018.

News of the World Paddle Tour 2019

The most significant developments to consider in this new edition are:

Change of format in the Previews

It will only affect the male category; Although the number of players who pass from Preview to the Main Draw remains the same, the number of couples starting from this round increases.

That is to say, if the Previa was formed by 8 couples head of series and 8 couples that arrived from Pre-previous, as of this year there will be 16 couples heads of series and 8 couples of Pre-Preview. This means that the Pre-Preview has to start the day before and the Preview consists of 3 rounds (one more than in the previous model).

Wild-Cards for final frame

All qualifying stages will be played in Spain, except in Portugal and Paris; the 4 classified of the Preview will enter directly in the Final Table. One of the Wild-Cards granted will result from the winner of a Qualifying Tournament; With this measure, World Paddle Tour wants local players to access the circuit and have the opportunity to add their first points in the world ranking.

Gold dot

The possibility of implementing this Golden Point had been commenting for some time and, finally, the new regulations pick it up. It is not yet decided on what occasions it will be implemented; although everything seems to indicate that it will be after making 3 advantages.

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