The Burn Syndrome entry first appears in Iván Patxi.

burn syndromeA few weeks ago WHO included burn syndrome in its international classification of diseases.

Can podcasts burn? Can we get tired of them? How long does it take to create and produce a podcast?

Can we apply the podcast or podcaster syndrome burned? How to avoid it?

Everything I tell you here I do from my own experience, because this sometimes burns a lot, so let me tell you some things about this burn syndrome but linking it to podcasting.

The definition according to WHO

According to the WHO, the burn syndrome presents this description:

Exhaustion is a conceptualized syndrome as a result of chronic stress in the workplace that has not been managed successfully.

It is characterized by three dimensions:

  • Feelings of depletion or depletion of energy
  • Increased mental distance from work, or feelings of work-related negativism or cynicism
  • Reduced professional efficiency

Exhaustion refers specifically to phenomena in the work context and It should not be applied to describe experiences in other areas of life.

Therefore, if you are podcasting as a hobby and have become tired, it is possible that you may have stopped liking spending your time in this hobby.

Spending money on material, hiring hosting plans and managing social networks to make yourself known … has stopped liking you, and it is not a disease.

One day you also played paddle tennis, you went for a walk every Saturday on the mountain or you signed up for sushi classes, and all that was over.

If you do it as work, as I do, then this is called as I tell you, the burn syndrome.

Why can you burn with the podcast?

There are several reasons that can lead to it.

In my opinion there are some situations that are key.

  • Lack of recognition
  • Constant criticisms or even insults to your person
  • Family neglect or compatibility issues
  • Distance with friendships forever
  • Stop practicing hobbies by working on the podcast
  • Don't keep a healthy life (if you had one before)
  • Note that your commitment is not the same as that of your colleagues
  • Your project does not advance for a long time that you invest in it
  • Be aware of the successes of others
  • Few downloads
  • Compare yourself to other podcasts or podcast production companies

burned entrepreneurWell, I think I could continue with some more, but we're not here to get depressed, but to get over it.

All these that I put you back here, and some more, I have lived them in the first person. Don't do it or avoid them.

Consider the podcast as a hobby or as a job, Any of the above features may cause you to stop recording podcasts.

In a medium such as the podcast, where money does not shine precisely except on a few occasions, support and trust do it all, is the only thing that will allow you to continue.

Here, as in other aspects of life, having the acceleration of a Ferrari but driving on a village road only ensures one thing, that you stick a host.

And yes, you and I know that life is going very fast, that everything happens too quickly and that everything changes too soon, but I honestly tell you, patience.

Patience, have a lot of patience, or the burn syndrome will take hold of you, and if it grabs you tight you may make very bad decisions.

How to avoid burn syndrome in the podcast?

exhaustion through social networksHere I wait with open arms to any psychology professional who wants to advise you and me.

I am going to tell you how I overcome it, when low hours come, and how I do to prevent the burn syndrome from winning the battle.

Sport, outdoors, sun and friends or family are the things you should incorporate or reincorporate into your life.

Mobile phone, social networks, toxic people, podcasting commitments, debates and clashes with podcasting gurus, hobbies that involve the use of screens Y podcaster support groups They are the ones you should avoid and eliminate from your life.

At the same rate that you are incorporating into your day to day hours of walking in the sun or eating out with friends go decreasing the use of social networks and so you will not have to see things that affect you and that would make you enter to answer according to what people .

Don't compare yourself with anyone, you are you and that's it.

Do not look if another podcast of the same theme has more or less downloads than you.

Comparing yourself to a podcast of your same theme or that talks about the same topic as you, and yours with better data, will only lead to frustration.

Enjoy what you are doing without looking at others.

Do you think that a man who makes a podcast a month talking about … is the most suitable to advise you?

Don't spend more money than is really necessary, and do not get carried away by what some show or sell you, because many of those people sell their products or products of companies that pay them to do that, and be careful, it is not bad, but look well, that those products that Advertise be the ones you really need.

Do not argue. As is well. There are people who get very bored on social networks and may even unfairly criticize you personally for your opinion. So #NoAlimentesAlHater.

Be patient and do not throw your podcast overboard at the first exchange.

Do not enter the competition to make many podcasts, better 1 or 2 very well done, than 4, 5 or more … that you can not keep the commitment to do them, or do them to do … Achievable goals, by tutatis!

A few have already been burned

I work in podcastBe careful! I know a few colleagues that some of those situations have happened to them, and they have stopped podcasting.

Many others have broken ties with podcasting communities, internet groups and other associations.

People who have spent money on material as a hobby, have even taken courses (go web with the courses …), and puts all the effort in the world to make podcasts, so that later…;

  • Don't show the people you have to record with
  • Downloads do not exceed 50
  • No one remembers your podcast
  • Criticize from behind, and praise your podcast to the face
  • And here where you make money?

On the more business side, there are cases of abandonment of the idea of ​​creating a podcast by …:

  • They have taken advantage or trusted companies or fraudulent projects
  • Little patience and lack of trust
  • The price they have been charged is exorbitant
  • They only know Podium Podcast and can't afford their productions
  • And here where you make money?

Why have I burned myself?

I will try to be as honest as possible, because this is to open my heart wide, but I have to do it that way. No openings Without half measures.

I have also burned, and several times. Why do you think I'm doing this post?

In 2008, it was the first time. And in that moment I left everything.

At that time I "worked", I put it in quotation marks because I did not charge for it, on a local radio, helping with planning, programs and also had my own radio program with some colleagues.

"Sanblaseros por el mundo" was called, of travel, one of my passions.

burned for workWell, at that time when there was a moment of lack of support and encouragement from my teammates, I ended up leaving the radio after 2 seasons.

Years later, after working in other sectors and studying online marketing, I saw the podcast as what I could not do with 20 years.

At the time of starting with Va por Nosotras Podcast, after spending months studying what to do, and considering on paper the strategies to follow, and contacting a former partner in case you wanted to join the project, it happened similar.

This person began not being able to go to the recordings, not contributing his part in writing scripts or looking for people to interview, and luckily my project partner appeared, today, Marta. Which joined and together we continue to take a new direction.

But at that moment I was about to leave it again.


The involvement in JPOD18 on my part, meetings, sleepless nights, weekends dedicated to it, tension and pressure to do my best, notice how sometimes there is not a single support except for the companions you have at your side on that moment …. that was tiring.

* This year there will be no JPOD19, and a few colleagues organize the event Podcast Days 2019. + info

Other things that burn

photofamilyGetting involved too much and eagerly in communities or events is also very hard, because people in the end are like that, in general terms we value the selfless work of others.

Another moment that I remember with special sadness, was when the AVPODCAST colleagues in the hands of Fran Madrillano and with the approval of the head of the podcasting network, Pedro Sánchez, invited me to join them to share with other colleagues in this network the experience of sharing podcasting together.

Did I say I remember it sadly? Yes, because there were people who stopped talking to me or stopped behaving with me in the same way.

Even so, the joy of staying and meeting many of its members is more important, but that some people stop talking to you by joining a network that gives you their support and trust… .does.

Throughout this process, I stopped participating in groups of telegram communities, my participation in social networks decreased and also my physical presence in events.

What did I use that time? In sports, family or other hobbies?

No. I dedicated it to more podcasts.

I wrote a lot, I finished writing the documentary that I had so much time in my head. (Every day it takes less to see the light).

I started 2 more own podcasts, they hired me for 4 podcasts as a podcast producer, and I started thinking and writing a second documentary …

When money comes through the door, toxic people put bombs in your mailbox

One of the first companies that contacted me to produce their podcast was Total Spain, which was definitely created by fellow Fran Izuzquiza with Alberto Espinosa, grateful for the confidence shown, I congratulated both those responsible for marketing and Fran.

And there they continue, something I'm glad for. Because Total's people are healthy people, and because Fran is what we call "good person."

Between Total and CaixaBank (company for which I produce podcast), there were 4 companies that contacted me, asked for budgets or ideas to create their podcast.

doubts about podcastingNone of the 4 have started them yet, and they have told me that they still can't… but they count on me, we'll see…

But CaixaBank did decide, by the hand of Secuoya Nexus and the person who contacted me for this work, we planned and gave body to the Cot Daily Economy ’project.

It is a huge satisfaction, a reason to celebrate that they trust your work and also afterwards they value it with good words and thanks to your work….

But while you celebrate your successes and share them, motivated, innocent of you, just wanting to show people that fight every day for their dreams, yes, that with a lot of work you can, and that without selling lies or songs of Mermaid things also come out, being honest … things come out.

And it is at that moment, when there are people who doubt you, question your knowledge, doubt whether it will not be any personal contact (plug), or even if you have given away the work…., They doubt that make publicity, that you are hired to make audio guides or spread the word to corporate videos …, they put you in doubt.

Those doubts lead you to think if you have the impostor syndrome.

Do you know what it is ?, the one that makes you rethink if you are prepared, if you are not doing things right, if you work well …

I have always said something that they taught me and that is that "Flatter weakens" and of course … it is good advice, but if you have been applying it for so many years, it makes you not know when it weakens and when it helps you.

Therefore, sometimes my dear and talented José Escolar scolds me saying: «You give more value to those … than to those of us who say you do very well»

The burn syndrome extinguisher

To finish this long post (It's what it has when you open your heart), I will remind you what you can, if you want to do.

Do sports, walk and sunbathe.

Share laughs with your usual people, lean on your family and do what you like, in addition to the podcast …

Do not fall into the jaws of vampires or toxic people.

Smile, smile and smile again, the micro notices and who also listens to you …

Write, or record yourself telling. Look, while I am writing these lines, I am erasing everything I wrote 3 days ago by venting.

Like the 3-day shopping technique, the one that says you add something to the shopping cart, DO NOT buy it, and come back after 3 days, to decide if you buy it or not … and most of the time You eliminate the product.

In this, I am deleting words right now, in total more than 500, where I put here some things that have made me rethink many situations.

Do not miss a minute in your head that there is someone better than you here, do not see as idols people who have thousands of downloads, and that you are not impressed by people who boast followers, listen or any other “motorcycle” that they want to tell you …

The people who are having more success in this format all they do is try to do things right, fill the fridge and show the world what they know how to do, and they don't brag about it.

And finally, the downloads are very important (I have always defended it), but only if you know how to analyze them and if your goal is commercial, because if your goal is to enjoy your hobby… forget about them and enjoy.

Inbred news

the streetThese weeks on my return from vacation, in addition to work I have heard a lot of podcasts, mainly new ones that I wanted to discover.

I have cleaned more than 50 podcasts that I do not want in my player, they do not contribute anything to me, they bore me or they have simply stopped publishing… so I have made a dent, if you have a podcast and you want me to know you, write me at contact @ ivanpatxi. It's either look for me on Twitter or Instagram.

As for my podcast, El Callejero is loaded with news these coming days, with summer specials where in addition to a very fun street we will also go around the world.

Everyday Economy and Test Bank are on vacation, podcasts are, because I keep recording them … that's why I make a closet.

And Going for Us continues with its evolution, now in summer every Thursday and with topics as interesting as the last one that my dear Andrea Soaafi brought us.

Finally, and as today is a more sentimental post, in addition to trying to show you some help, if I can somehow, I want to mention some people linked to podcasting who have shown me many and great satisfactions, and to which I owe a lot .

Marta Yébenes (Going for Us), Álvaro Martín (Zafarrancho Vilima), Pedro Sánchez (AVPodcast), Fran Madrillano (AVPodcast), José Escolar (Verses a Voces), Alicia and Letty (Let's Talk), Tere (Zetatesters), Julio ( Serial meal), Eduardo Collado (At times Podcast), Andrea Soaafi (Runway), Ricardo Dómine (RadioViajera), Saray Zafra (Going for Us), Laura and Pato (Unión Podcastera), Rubén Galgo (Brandstocker), PJCleaner (Series Reality), David Mulé and Gemma Ayats (La Constante), Ana Peña and Ana Rota (Wavy and Go for Us), Verónica and Carlos (Tapeando Radio and Go for Us), Rafa Gambín, Carmenia Moreno, Ricardo El Cura, Cura Legañas, AGirl and Sodapop, Doc, Skinenine …


As always, until the next post !!! (And sorry for the turra)

The Burn Syndrome entry first appears in Iván Patxi.

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