Brenda Zaro: a white and red look

Today I would like to talk to you about a Spanish firm with very nice and comfortable shoes. As I always say, comfort should never be at odds with the beauty of shoes. And in this case it is not compromised. It's about Brenda Zaro.

Generally, Brenda Zaro shoes have gel insole for greater comfort while walking. Well, the gel insoles absorb the impact when walking, stabilize the tread and distribute the weight in the various points of support that are in the foot. In this way it is possible to avoid possible pain in the feet and joints. When one wears shoes with a gel insole, it shows, because it seems that you are walking on soft cottons. And this happens with the shoes that I bring you today.

In addition, they also have TPU sole, a type of material very resistant and quite flexible. This sole cushions the tread, gives very good support and is anti-slip to avoid possible falls. In short, it provides great comfort when walking. They have everything!

As you can see today's shoes I have combined them with a simple white openwork dress, with more years than Methuselah, although it is as new despite how much I have put it on. Regarding shoes, being of various colors, they give a lot of play when choosing the look. We can combine them with black, white, red and even silver garments. I personally love them shoes and bags with various shades and colors, because they allow a multitude of different styles. On the other hand, sandals of the same color limit you a lot when choosing clothes. With multi-colored ones, it's just a matter of putting on play with colors and decide which one you would like to highlight!

On this occasion I opted for white, and to give prominence to red accompanying these shoes with a Valentino bag in this same color. But I'm sure it would also be sensational with a white, black, or even silver bag. And we can apply the same to clothes. And you, how would you combine these shoes?

brenda zaro shoes
brenda zaro shoes

Look details:

  • Bershka dress
  • Valentino bag
  • Sandals by Brenda Zaro

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