Bolivia reopens border crossing with Chile

Bolivia closed for a few hours an important border crossing with Chile


Bolivia closed on Thursday the border crossing of Pisiga, which borders the commune of Colchane (Chile), due to the attack of a group of smugglers who protested the seizure of merchandise by the Bolivian authorities. The step reopened this Friday

"The border has been closed due to security issues, Bolivian Customs personnel have retreated to the offices of the Customs Administration, as well as Chile, we are not operating in the place where customs offices are made," the president informed at noon of the Bolivian National Customs, Marlene Ardaya.

The Vice Minister of Anti-Smuggling of Bolivia, Gonzalo Rodríguez, reported that on Wednesday night smugglers violently attacked military personnel and burned vehicles of the Joint Task Force.

The smugglers would have attacked the border crossing due to a recent seizure of 60 undocumented vehicles and a truck that used used luggage, Rodriguez told local media.

According to the Bolivian authorities, it is the second time that there is a violent reaction of smugglers towards military personnel.

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