Bishops of Bolivia denounce increased femicide


The Catholic bishops of Bolivia denounced that various government initiatives, especially broad legislation, have not prevented femicides from continuing to increase until they become one of the country's greatest social problems.

"Very little has still achieved the current legislation, (because) it does not have the conditions to significantly influence this evil that disintegrates our society and questions its foundations," the bishops of the largely majority religion in Bolivia said in a statement.

The declaration of the Catholic Church was published in coincidence with a report by the State Attorney General's Office indicating that it registered, in the first seven months of this year, at least 75 cases of femicide, which keep Bolivia with the highest rate of That scourge on the continent.

Of those deaths of women because of their sex, the third part occurred in the department of La Paz.

"Cases of violence against women and families, far from diminishing, continue to rise alarmingly, causing death and mourning hundreds of Bolivian families," the prelates said.

Behind the femicides, according to a previous report from the Ombudsman's Office, there were situations of domestic or couples violence, trafficking and trafficking.

The Catholic bishops sympathized with the families of the victims and "with all the women who, at this time, are being harassed and condemned to suffer in silence."

The episcopal communiqué called on the Government and all sectors of society to attack the "true causes" of the "scourge" of feminicides, highlighting among them the macho culture, the general deterioration of moral values, the loss of respect for "value sacred life ”, the inapplicability of laws and the slowness of the judicial system.

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