Bionike offers a 20% discount this Black Friday in store and web


Bionike offers a 20% discount this Black Friday in store and web

The 100% SIN sensitive cosmetics firm will offer 20% on the web and in the physical store of C / Cristóbal Bordiú in Madrid on November 28, 29 and 30 and December 1 and 2

Founded in Milan in 1930, Bionike, the cosmetic brand No. 1 in Italy, opens in Madrid a temple of beauty unprecedented in Spain, in which the cult of the skin and its demanding care are the dominant notes. All its dermocosmetic lines are compatible with sensitive, allergic and reactive skin, since they have been formulated to relieve skin problems preventing their appearance. Bionike references are highly effective and respond to the "Philosophy of the Sin" – without preservatives, without perfume, without gluten and tested for nickel. This, in addition to being completely "gluten-free" and "Child Labor free", make it one of the signatures of the moment. All products can be purchased in your online store, in the physics of Calle Cristóbal Bordiú 48 in Madrid and in the best pharmacies.

Bionike is the answer to the needs of all skin types, including the most sensitive ones. In fact, nickel, preservatives and perfume are substances indicated by numerous dermatological studies as the main responsible for contact allergies. But, in addition, there are several types of conditions such as dermatitis or redness, which make the skin more sensitive and react in a different way. Therefore, taking care of it with special products is vital.

The best cosmetics for men, women, children, anti-aging, treatments, hair, body, makeup, etc. Bionike was founded in the 60s and has been working on innovation and development of its own conservation systems and formulations for more than 30 years. Among its different lines of cosmetics, there are special products for all skin types and ailments, made according to strict regulations and good manufacturing practices, which help improve the condition of the skin and its conservation, making it look more beautiful and healthy .

"Gluten free ”, better for everyone
Scientific studies show that the presence of gluten in topical products can cause certain skin intolerances and allergic reactions that disappear only if the use of those containing any gluten source substance, such as those derived from harvesting, is completely eliminated. wheat, rye, etc.

It is something that always applies to food issues, but that can affect the skin, causing serious alterations and allergies. Bionike has specialized in this field, analyzing the behavior of different skin types and working on the development of special preservation systems, getting products that try to calm the skin and return it to its usual state.

The only brand 100% “without allergens”
Very aware of dermatological problems, Bionike has developed an alternative formulation technology to keep any type of bad smell under control, without resorting to the use of fragrances. Bionike is the only line of cosmetics and complete makeup free of allergens and chemical preservatives such as parabens, thiazolinones or formaldehyde releasers, So harmful to the skin.

In addition, it has implemented the strategy to ensure that the nickel content is less than 0.00001% (0.1 ppm) in each production lot. All so that each of its products is respectful of the PH of all skins.


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