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Of the «N-o, there will be no exclusive of my wedding» We have come to honor the nougat who go through all the fairs of Spain with a «And not only one, but two». After appearing on the cover of Hello! As Paz Padilla said "in First Communion plan and without boyfriend", on Saturday, or when the program is recorded, he will sit on Saturday Deluxe to clarify everything that happened.

And what happened is that Kiko Hernández had her smart watch taken away, that María Teresa Campos was treated like a criminal and that Diego Arrabal had a mole inside the farm that sent all kinds of photos of the suit and everything He felt like it. This is what happens if you get married at seven in the afternoon without protection.

Belen Esteban

Yes, the princess of her house (when she is going to eat) You will use the exclusive to pay for the treat and you will forget your beloved people. And it is that neither the horns that her husband already gave her while she was in GH VIP, nor the pasotism of her daughter's father who must have been charging on television for two decades seems to affect Belen Esteban.

Well, in Mediaset they have already hired several councilors so that the staff applauds their idol as much as possible. Just as he enters the set as Pope Clement in the basilica of Palmar de Troya. Everything is to continue fueling the machine that generates garbage. We await your comments on this.

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