Bea Simone offers the glamor of the 70s and artisan beauty from Marbella


Bea Simone, an ingenious brand created in Marbella to dress it with the glamor of the 70s… Inspired by the Mediterranean and the work of professional craftsmen, it is originally inserted in the global market

A new brand was born in Marbella to dazzle the women of the world, it is Bea Simone, a company that designs its garments on the coast of Marbella but elaborates them with the best artisans in Buenos Aires, combining the best of both worlds.

Fashion always prevails in the eyes of society with the aim of bringing trends and improving the appearance of people, being aware of new designs and looking for the exclusivity that each client deserves.

The market can become hard and competitive in the face of a large number of brands that exceed customer demand, but what is a woman without fashion? How much does a woman invest in her clothing? How much attention do you pay to your outfit?

"It is important that each woman has a wide range of options so that she can find what really identifies her, and that is precisely what we are looking for, that each woman can identify with our clothes, with our style," they argue from Bea's direction. Simone

Looking to launch into the world, Bea Simone was born in Marbella with a more than interesting proposal, all the design is done on the coasts of the city, but the realization of each garment is carried out in Buenos Aires, Argentina by professional craftsmen, using 100% natural silk thread and it can be said that they are also 100% handmade.

His designs are inspired by the glamor of the 70s, combining the aesthetic considered bohemian luxury and the exclusivity of being handmade garments, so that each one becomes unique.

One of the key points of women when choosing a garment is the feeling it produces and the inspiration it gives. When talking about Bea Simone's clothes you can feel a sense of permanence and luxury for the inspiration of the beautiful coasts, of tradition for being all handmade, of glamor for the brightness they possess and of elegance for the femininity that the designs.

What can a woman expect when buying these clothes? It was one of the main questions asked of the brand representative, “Women who visit us will have everything they want in one place, a look that combines the style of the beach with the glamor of Studio 54; and the delicacy and luxury of traditional artisan techniques, including fringes and handmade crochet, but with a touch of modernity ”

Without a doubt, it seems that Bea Simone has established herself as a brand and her designers know what they are doing. The store is full of options with trimmed and muted palettes, but including metallic touches and with the particular shine of the sequins. "Cocktail dresses, miniskirts, shawls and shorts are some of the many clothes that women can find in our store, to dress for the beach, for the dusk or to give the Mediterranean glamor that their casual looks deserve," they say From the brand.

Producing limited editions to maintain exclusivity to the fullest, Bea Simone deserves attention and follow-up to discover how the women of Marbella and the world react when facing garments that will surely appreciate their entire lives, handmade garments, with 100% natural silk, with Glamor and shine without waste.

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