Bastion of the Martyrs in Cádiz

If you take a walk through the old town, it is worth seeing the Bastion of the Martyrs, fortification located in the north of Cádiz, in front of the lighthouse of San Sebastián, next to the beach of La Caleta, whose scallop walls are bathed by the Atlantic.

History and location

His mission was defend this part of the city against possible maritime attacks. It was built in the 17th century, more specifically in 1,676, and in its backyard, on the wall caressed by the sea, had several cannons arranged to intimidate pirates and invaders.

By outside, is the classic fort-shaped construction facing the ocean, with large defensive walls. But once insideI was impressed by the views, its privileged location in the same reef on which the lighthouse rises, with its immortal nightlight.

It is next to the gazebo of Paco Alba, where his monument stands as an unforgettable author of lyrics for comparsas and chirigotas of the carnivals, and the well-known Caleta beach. A very special place for gaditanos. There can be no better location for those who like the salty sea, sunsets, seagulls, and the tireless light of the old lighthouse.

Events and weddings in The Baluarte de los Mártires

Wedding in Baluarte de los Mártires, Cádiz

I have had the privilege of being able to go inside and check all this. But of course, my words cannot do justice to such beautiful views, that's why several photos of the place are accompanied. We were at the bulwark at the invitation of my friends Juan and Mari Paz to celebrate their daughter's wedding, which is also called Mari Paz with Sebastian, her husband.

wedding in Cádiz, in the bastion of the Martyrs
Wedding in Baluarte de los Mártires, Cádiz

It is currently managed by the El Faro hotel group, and It is dedicated to holding celebrations, congresses, events, concerts, corporate meals, shows and weddings., among other. Well, there we gather more than a hundred people for this important event, in such an incomparable setting.

The old gates of the bulwark opened to receive the beautiful and friendly bride and godparents, while the attendants waited for them in the backyard. They moved to the defensive wall, where there was a kind of canopy with columns of white tulle and flower vines, facing the sea.

The ceremony, with views

Food in Baluarte de los Mártires, Cádiz

There the emotional ceremony was held with funny testimony from several speakers, like the one who said: «You marry a pirate today, but this is one of the good ones». In reference to the British origin of the groom. All this, enlivened with a magnificent choir that delighted us with its songs, While the sun was trying to hide on the horizon behind the walls of the fortification.

Sunset in Baluarte de los Mártires, Cádiz

In his esplanade, in the light of the afternoon that was already declining, there were several tents where attendees could choose drinks and soft drinks, as well as a variety of tasty starters and tapas. But to make things easier, the waitresses themselves distributed drinks and trays of more than ten types of food to guests on a continuous basis. appetizers Different to serve standing up.

Maybe it sounds to you famous shrimp tortillas, foie over applesauce, potatoes seasoned with octopus, hamburgers with mustard sauce, peeled prawns with roe of mujol, cheese bricks and leeks with Pedro Ximenez sauce, and an unsurpassed acorn ham, which the father of the bride ordered ex professed.

Lounges and menu

Menu in Baluarte de los Mártires, Cádiz

But this was not all, if you were left hungry, we continue inside the fortification, in a spacious hall where more than ten round tables were located, elegantly decorated.

The wait was not made to beg, and soon we had the first course, a shrimp entree, with vegetables, fruits, pink sauce and Andalusian vinaigrette. Really exquisite, the mixed flavor and tasting of that gastronomic combination.

Menu in Baluarte de los Mártires, Cádiz

Then came a tangerine sorbet. And as main course you could choose between Rock Fish Loin, which in this case was a croaker, or Iberian acorn dam With odorous juice.

All very well presented and with a good professionalism of the waitresses, who were constantly attentive to no one running out of drinks and replacing the dishes. Finishing dinner, with the usual pie or rice pudding.

Menu in Baluarte de los Mártires, Cádiz

Afterwards, the session continued in the lower roomwhere the guests could enjoy and dance, animated by a party DJ. In addition to having a drink and snack at the open bar.

In short, an unforgettable and emotional ceremony that was accompanied by an exceptional and impressive environment. When we go outside, we say goodbye to the place, no doubt to return one day. Y the lighthouse greeted us by saying good night with its infinite sparkles, while the light of the full moon, drew its silver wake in the sea.

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