In this program we talk about cleaning fish. We tell you that they are not exactly cleaning fish, that there are two main types (Plecos / Ancistrus and Corydoras), why it is good to have these fish in the aquarium, what care should be taken with them, etc. Without more we leave you with the program. And then we leave you all the commented links and some more interesting notes.

Listen to «Aquarium pill pills # 5 – Cleansing Fish» at Spreaker. During the program we talked about the importance of putting logs for the Plecos and the Ancistrus, here we also leave you a link to buy trunks for aquariums

Also talking about Plecos and Ancistrus We have commented that it is good to occasionally throw a specific meal for them. We like JBL Novopleco very much, although there are many, but see that they are specific pills for vegetarian fish (They usually say that they are for Plecos, but they are also useful for Ancistrus), normal bottom pads are not worth it. We leave you some links to some of them

By cons, for the Corydoras yes they serve generic bottom pads, since they are omnivorous (Be careful that they are not plecoses!). These pills usually have a Botia clown or corydoras drawn. You can buy them in your trusted store or look on the internet, for example in Zooplus or Kiwoko.

Changing a little subject, but during the program we have commented that we would leave you a link about snail plague, so there you have it.

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