Analysis: Kobo Clara HD ebook reader, rival of the Amazon Kindle?

In this blog we have often talked about Amazon Kindle, but that does not mean that it is the only one available in the market. There are very interesting alternatives, such as the Kobo Clara HD.

East ebook reader has a 6 inch screen, which is also tactile. It lacks buttons, so all device control is done through touches or gestures on this screen It also has integrated light, but yes, it is not waterproof.

What stands out most about the Kobo e-book reader is its support for up to 14 formats of ebooks and other documents (including ePub) and the huge amount of options it includes for customize the reading experience: type of text font, size, font, line spacing, margins, text alienation …

It also allows you to search for unknown words in the dictionary, perform annotations Y underline passages that interest you especially. It can also be synchronized with the Pocket online service to read your favorite articles also in Kobo.

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