AECOC involves the entire value chain in the ‘2nd Week against food waste’

The initiative, which will be held the week of September 21-29, will participate from producers to large distribution centers or consumers across the country

· The Association of Manufacturers and Distributors organizes this initiative in the set of activities of alimentación Food has no waste ’, which has the collaboration of 500 companies

· Within the framework of this week the VII AECOC Meeting Point against Food Waste will be held in Madrid.

Barcelona July 22:
After the success of the first edition that took place last year, the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors, AECOC, will celebrate from Monday, September 21 and until the 28th, the “2nd AECOC Week against food waste" The event, which will involve companies from all links of the food chain, from producers and large distribution centers to consumer associations, will have actions throughout the country aimed at raising awareness and informing the consumer and to public opinion on the need to value food and create strategies to avoid waste.

The “2nd AECOC Week against food waste” it is celebrated within the framework of the campaign ‘Food has no waste’, in which around 500 companies participate. In its eight years of experience, the initiative has achieved remarkable results: the main distribution companies in the country have reduced their food waste from 1.78% in 2013 to 0.75% of the total commercialized. Figures that are the result of plans put in place by companies to curb this problem of economic, social and environmental impact.

The “2nd Week AECOC against food waste” aims to consolidate itself as a tool capable of providing information and solutions to value food both in companies and among the population, since it is in homes where 42% is generated of waste

VII AECOC Meeting Point

The VII Meeting Point will also be held within the framework of the 2nd Week against food waste from AECOC: September 26 in Madrid. An event that will bring together more than 300 European professionals from the agri-food chain to jointly fight against food waste.

The meeting, which analyzes every year outstanding success stories driven from the primary sector, industry, food distribution and hospitality, will serve to exchange ideas and experiences among the more than 300 public administration professionals, companies, associations of consumers and food banks assistants.

AECOC and food waste in Spain

Europe generates 14% of the world's food waste and Spain is the seventh most wasted food on the continent, with 7.7 million tons. Given this problem, the AECOC Board of Directors approved in 2012 to work on a project aimed at curbing this problem. A collaborative project between all parts of the chain (primary sector, industry, distribution, administration and food banks) that has the support of nearly 500 manufacturing and distribution companies in the consumer, logistics and transportation services sector. Since the beginning of the project, the companies participating in the initiative have managed to significantly reduce their waste percentages to 0.7% of the total produced (their starting percentage was 1.71%).

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