Advantages of having a personal or business virtual number

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<p>We live in a society that advances by leaps and bounds, and one of the greatest qualities of <strong>a company goes through knowing how to adapt to the new times</strong>. The mythical expression "renew or die" makes perfect sense in the world, and in a world as competitive as this, it is not worth staying behind.</p>
<p>However, there is another equally important pillar, a company is nothing without its customers. It seems tremendously obvious, but not all companies show a constant interest in consumers who trust them. <strong>Maintaining optimal contact channels is something that says a lot about a company</strong>, and there are also ways to keep them up to date. The <strong>virtual phone numbers</strong> They are an example.</p>
<p>A virtual telephone number can be very beneficial for a company, since it is able to simplify many processes, bringing professionals and consumers together. But, <strong>What is a virtual phone number?</strong></p>
<h2>This is how a virtual number works, and thus a portability is carried out</h2>
<p>A virtual phone number like Zadarma's <strong>can help you open a virtual office available worldwide</strong>. Customers should only call your conventional landline to get in touch with you, wherever you are.</p>
<p>You can enjoy several advantages, such as a multi-channel telephone number. Customers can call anytime and you will not miss a single call. In addition, you will have <strong>a free virtual switchboard service that will give you a wide variety of possibilities, such as calling your office at no cost</strong>. Do not be afraid to move, your office can move anywhere in the world and you will not lose a single phone number.</p>
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If you want to enjoy all these features, you can carry out a portability. The portability process of the telephone number is very simple. You can carry your landline, mobile or toll free number of any operator to Zadarma. It's free, and you just have to follow some easy steps:

  • Carry out the prepayment of 1 year of service of the number, following the rates that you will find on the web, or activate the tariff package “Microenterprise” or “Company”.

  • Create a request for technical support from the personal area, attaching an invoice for the payment of the number. In this you must attach your complete data: name and surname, address and number to carry.

  • On the other hand, you will have to fill in the following fields: name, surname and address. All of them appear in the "Settings-My Profile" section of the personal area.

Of course, these services are not intended only for companies. An individual can also benefit from a virtual number, which will allow you to divert the ones you don't want to answer, or even receive calls abroad with the price of a local call. All this, with a simple process of reservation and connection of the number.

Technology is there to make our lives easier. We must be aware of this, and we must know how to use it in our favor. Virtual numbers are a good example of this. Simplifying tasks that not so long ago could be very complicated, saving time and resources to use them where it really matters.

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