Today I come to tell you that I have fallen, I have bought a tablet for the children.

So far we have resisted, almost 4 years and almost 6 without pulling these gadgets to hang out and it is not because I am anti-technology but I think there are better things to do with 6 years than sticking to a screen.

But well, I have fallen because not everything is screen time and the use of these devices can also be educational in moderation.

Before choosing a tablet, I was very clear that it was essential that I have parental control, both to fix content and to limit the time of use.

I searched the internet and finally went to Amazon to look at reviews, after meditating I decided on this Chinese tablet for children SANNUO brand.

Below I detail why I chose it.

1.10 inch big screen

children's tablet

2. Silicone protective case with built-in music stand to keep it standing.

3. Android with IWAWA (parental control APP) pre-installed.

This tablet for children comes with a parental control APP that once opened the child can only leave with the password.

This app opens a menu with different folders in which to include the applications that allow you to use the child.

You can create different profiles according to the age of the child, the profile can be set password so that a child does not use the other's account, but in any case the parental pin will give you access to all the created accounts.

Each child can be given access to different applications and also manage the maximum weekly or daily use time.

In the statistics you can see the use made by each of the accounts of the apps, how long they are in them and how many times they enter.

4. Bring a fairly updated version of android for a tablet, a good processor and enough memory: Android 6.0, Quad-Core, 1 + 16GB.

5. A tablet for children that has Wifi and 3G:

Another thing that I decided is that you can put a sim card and it has a phone function.

For the future it will be good for me if I want them to call me if, for example, they are left alone at home while I run a message, but I don't want them to have their own mobile phone.

6. Finally it has a fairly affordable price and good reviews from customers who had already bought it on Amazon.

We have been using it for a few days and we are really happy, my children still prefer to play anything other than the tablet (for now) but it takes us away from small moments of boredom when we don't know very well what to do.

In general they use it little, in the morning before it is a decent hour to start making noise (they get up the same at 7 am, even if they are vacations …) and at night for the same reason.

And here my review. At the moment I give it a 10 and I am happy with the purchase. If I find a bug I will update the post later.

By the way, you can remove the kids mode whenever you want and use it as a normal tablet for you, watch netflix, read in kindle … instead of as a tablet for children.

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