9 Tips for Traveling Abroad with Young Children

As any parent will know, once our little bundles of joy arrive in the world, our life changes … Yep like that … With a snap of fingers, say a sad goodbye to spontaneity and wave a tired greeting to the organization and accuracy.

Everything, from a trip to the supermarket to a walk in the park, requires an incredible amount of effort and new multitasking skills, especially if we want to do everything in a timely manner. If you don't have them yet, calm down .. you will learn quickly.

Travel Abroad with Young Children

This clearly brings me to the theme of family vacations. It is a daunting prospect to put it mildly. When my oldest son was about 6 months old, we were desperate to make some escape to some cool place to visit. But I admit, the idea of ​​taking him abroad, on a plane and having to prepare for that, overwhelmed me a lot. So, we opted for a car trip to Cuenca and even so, we loaded the car to the roof with its inflatable chair, toys, cradle … we literally took the house in tow! For me it was very important that he continue with his routines, his schedules, with an ecological and healthy diet, so I took him to his meal.

Don't get me wrong, we had a great time, but looking back, after having more children and having traveled with them abroad several times, I realized that children are very adaptable. It is we parents who feel the need to be surrounded by our belongings. Babies and young children just want to be fed, regulated, having fun and have the exclusive attention of their parents.

9 Tips for Traveling Abroad with Young Children


If you are nervous about going abroad for the first time, do not choose a destination that is more than 2-3 hours away, and opt for a country that does not have a large time difference.

Check the opinions of travelers on pages like tripadvisor. Ask yourself: does the hotel have good facilities for children, nursery, cribs, facilities for heating milk / food …? Will they offer cots and high chairs? How far are the nearest stores? Will I need a car?

Plan ahead

Be sure to plan important documents, such as passports, in advance. It is very important to ask if we need vaccines to travel and make sure that our travel insurance includes our children.


Make a list of all the essential items you need: from diapers to your favorite toy; I assure you, I can never have enough lists! They are the best way to not forget anything.

Check-in with the airline

Be sure to talk with the airline company what you can take with you on the flight and what you will have to check in. I always recommend weighing your bags before traveling, so I make sure I haven't exceeded the weight limit.

Prepare for all eventualities

It is very important not to forget a first aid kit. Check it and do not forget the bar for blows, rehydration powders for diarrhea and wipes and antiseptic creams for cuts and scratches. And of course, a thermometer and insect repellent or insect repellent patches are essential.

Family toys

To travel abroad with young children it is essential that you take some of your favorite toys, the smaller the better. Also the stories and stickers are excellent to keep the beasts entertained.

Take the tablet

Travel Abroad with Young Children

Or some other portable device. This is, by far, the most valuable element we carry. Especially for flight hours. And remember not to forget the charger!

Something to itch

It is very important for me to bring some snacks, especially for Valeria who is ALWAYS hungry (which is not where she puts it, really). So I usually make a pack with nuts, fruit …

Enjoy yourself!

Enjoy. I am guilty that I like the rigidity of routines. But little by little, over the years, I have been relaxing and taking things as they come, nothing happens if on vacation they go to bed a couple of hours later because you were having fun. Holidays are also a break from the rules, so relax and enjoy your time and your family.

I hope these tips for travel abroad with young children They help you and you take it all with a little more relaxation.

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