7 tips for your summer marketing campaigns

The temperature is rising, and that means it is time to prepare for summer marketing.

This is a critical part of your strategy to ensure that the business thrives even at this time, since as you well know people are more on vacation and outside their homes, so you can see a decrease in sales of almost all Online business

This is our list of seven tips for your summer marketing that can help you:

1. Make your summer time clear.

Does your business stay open an hour or two later? Let your customers know by SMS, email marketing or through social networks.

2. Plan a very aggressive summer campaign.

Plan a creative way to reach your audience in these days when everyone is very scattered. For example, create a multichannel marketing campaign to give customers a 5% discount on more than 35º days, things that make these days so hot not to leave home until 22:00 at night 🙂

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<h2>3. Add new summer items to your campaigns.</h2>
<p>Do you have sunscreen or an extra pair of sunglasses out there? Combine these and other products in your campaigns to add a seasonal touch to your message. For B2B marketing campaigns, you can add a summer touch to special promotions.</p>
<h2>4. Use direct mail to give value to the customer.</h2>
<p>Show your customers that you value them with a personalized letter or postcard. This may include a special offer, a link to a free web course or event or other promotions and advantages.</p>
<h2>5. Invite customers to an outdoor activity.</h2>
<p>The weather outside is frightening at certain hours of the afternoon. But there are also magnificent summer days. Organize an outdoor activity to delight your target audience and invite them for an event on Facebook or email. Either to some presentations, courses, etc.</p>
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6. Organize a photo contest on social networks.

Create a contest using advertising on social networks so that your target audience will send you photos of the summer and be more participatory in the networks. You can tell them that the best photo receives an award, be it a product, service or some type of discount on your website.

7. Use email to reach your audience during the holidays.

Yes, people keep checking emails during the holidays. So don't believe that people are too busy having fun. This is because people are more connected than ever to their mobile phones!

And so far all for today, we hope that summer is not seen as the enemy of business, if not as a new way to exploit products and services seasonally and pleasantly.

We read each other 😉

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