Dear reader, are you a user of any email marketing or mailing platform?

I use them, but one day I met Johanna, from mailify and I thought that who could best tell how we can benefit our business using email marketing.

So I leave you with her, I hope you like this article on why you should use mailing in your business.

Are you one of those who check your email every day? Well, your customers too and more in this era where mobile use is constant, do you see it? is a great opportunity to sell.

The platforms of mailing Like Mailify, they allow the sending of mass emails to a contact base by quickly sharing information that may be of interest to you such as news and promotions of your business.

It is important to have a prior consent of the contacts of your mailing list, it is a requirement that requires the Organic Law of Data Protection (LOPD).

Incorporate this
Marketing tool in your digital strategy brings great advantages both
For small as large companies. It doesn't even matter if you are freelancers
Mailing benefits are for everyone.

Let's start …

Mailing: 7 advantages of using it in a digital strategy

1. It is very profitable

The mailing is one of the most economical and most likely conversion platforms. The cost of your campaigns is lower than that of any other medium.

We save
high investments in the realization of a television ad, in impressions,
sealed, among others. Likewise, we optimize time.

2. Reach the customer quickly and efficiently

The message sent reaches your client directly and instantly regardless of where they are located, the results are also shown in real time.

There is also the option to schedule your shipments on the dates you want and share the information by other means such as social networks.

3. The scope is almost immediately

The penetration of mobile phones in the world has changed the behavior of people in many aspects, users are aware of their phones practically 24 hours a day, so the probability of reaching and reading our message is very high.

It even has more virality than Facebook and Twitter, in terms of scope, the number of clicks in a mailing is greater than in social networks mentioned. Good data, right?

4. It is measurable

One of the biggest advantages of mailing tools, and of any digital media, is the precision in measuring the results of our campaigns which can also be in real time.

We can observe
statistics such as the number of open emails, if the opening was from a
mobile or computer, the number of clicks on the links, how many shared the
message with your contacts, bounce rate, among others.

The collection of these data are reports that will help us to segment, customize and better optimize campaigns and our goals. It is very intuitive!

Mailing tool statistics panel.

5. Segmentation and customizationn.

The mailing offers us different criteria and segmentation models, we can do it by age, tastes, sex, geographic location … even for more advanced options such as response rate or by acquiring a predetermined product or service.

In this way
we can send personalized messages taking into account the history of
activity and characteristics of each contact.

Segmenting will increase the chances of success, The interest of the users and the percentage of loyalty.

6. Help in increasing traffic to your website

The mailing has become a bridge between the public and the website becoming One of the means that generates the most traffic.

The magic is in the union of all its benefits and in create a relationship with the customer by sending valuable information What translates into conversions!

7. High rates of return on investment

The return on investment index (ROI) of mailing is 4308% per euro invested, surpassing the ROI generated by social networks. In addition, if you compare it with the low costs of implementing a mailing application, surely you will not hesitate to incorporate it into the digital strategy of your business

What are you waiting for?

Author: Johanna Uribe
Company: Mailify

I hope you liked it. I would like to add that email marketing, along with other marketing tools such as podcasts, allows you to go directly to your users.

Therefore, you should use it responsibly, making an effort because the texts of your emails make your aforementioned partner feel and involve him.

Many people think that we are saturated with emails, however, as Johanna said, today, it is still the tool that has the most conversions.

Therefore, if you do not use it yet, you have no excuse.

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