6 tips to create a website for your business

There are many entrepreneurs who try to move their business to the Internet by creating a web page, a page that Mr. Google likes and appears in local searches to attract new potential customers.

Today we are going to give some advice so that at least, in a quick reading, you can have some criteria and judge a little the work that the agency / person you are hiring is doing for you to do your corporate website.

1. Mandatory that is adapted to mobiles

Do not sell you the web responsive as an "extra" project. The designs have been designed for the first time on mobile (mobile first) and then once responsive, the desktop version of the web looks great in the same way.

The 70-80% of your website visitors will do it from your mobile, either to know who you are, to know the prices and services, etc.

In the case of online stores, they buy, not as much as at the desk but they do “browse” your website from the subway, bus or work, to see what they like and later buy at home quietly.

create corporate website

2. Place your contact information in the header of the web

You must put the number of your company, link to the contact form, etc, in the header or header of the web. Since this is the first thing that users get from the mobile and the first thing that desktop users will see.

Make it easy for them to find you and do not complicate the user's life. Even social networks would be a good use of this. A good example of how to do this is the Tamtam access control system company, which lists the company's price list, contact and information on its menu.

3. Simple navigation

We must limit the navigation of the website to 5 tabs at most, the menu can be composed of: Home, Contact, Who we are, Services and Projects.

4. Use corporate colors, maximum two

The corporate website should almost always be consistent with the colors of the company logo. If this logo has been well designed from the beginning, it will have at most one or two colors.

Corporate colors

Cutlery Barcelona for example uses two colors: green and red.

That is why you must divide the web into primary color and secondary color, this is already provided by several CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap 4.

5. The speed of the web has to be optimized

As soon as a visitor enters your website and after 2-3 seconds of loading, he is already thinking of clicking on the "Back" button of the browser to go to another site.

That is why your website must be optimized according to the Google Page Speed ​​rules. Which provides a series of tools for developers to leave a completely fast web, either by accessing with WiFi connection or by accessing 3G mobile data.

6. Leave a Call To Action button

It depends on the niche to which your company is dedicated, but almost all should have a button in the top menu called CTA (call to action), so that the user presses it and calls attention to all the elements of the web.

This should be a button in a prominent color, orange, green, etc. Very fat and describe what you do when you press: "Call now", "Request a quote", etc.

And that's all folks, hopefully these tips help you to value a little more how your company's website should be.

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