5 Best Aesthetic Clinics Pamplona and Navarra

In Pamplona (Navarra) All kinds of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery treatments are performed. Interventions of Rhinoplasty to reshape the nose, Blepharoplasty in Pamplona to eliminate or reduce eyelid fat, tummy tuck for flat stomach. Liposuction to remove fat from thighs, arms, hips, etc.

When it comes to plastic surgery operations to solve aesthetic problems caused by tumors and other health problems. However, when you simply seek to improve the appearance and rejuvenate the skin, there are many private clinics that meet these needs in Pamplona. Some of these clinics are detailed below:

Aesthetic Centers Pamplona Navarra

London Clinic in Pamplona

The London Clinic He has his delegation in Pamplona in Calle Iñigo Arista nº 7 – 31007 Pamplona and the patient service telephone number 948 199 419

More information about treatments on the London Clinic website

Aesthetic Clinic Doctor Lozano Pamplona

The clinic of Doctor José Angel Lozano Orella It is located in La Avda Pio XII nº 33 – 1º. Pamplona – Navarra. The patient service telephone number is 948 36 59 13. Email: info@drlozano.es.

The specialties of Doctor Lozano that he quotes on his own website are:

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Eyelid intervention through Blepharosplasty: The intervention is performed as an isolated procedure or as part of another operation, in general a facelift Most of them will be performed under local anesthesia.

Breast Surgery

The breast implant can be placed behind the pectoralis major muscle or in a subfascial situation.

Normally the approach incision to implant the prosthesis is located in the armpit, periareolar region or submammary groove depending on the specific case.

Facial Rejuvenation without Surgery

Botox or Vistabela is known as the infiltration of botulinum toxin type A, ideal for the aesthetic treatment of facial wrinkles due to the expression and mimicry of facial muscles.

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic complex that acts by relaxing the muscles. It makes the crow's feet disappear, the wrinkles of the eyebrows and the forehead, and slightly raises the eyebrows upwards, giving a more relaxed and young look to the face.

Reconstructive surgery

Dr. Lozano carries out sequelae of acute hand trauma, carpal tunnel syndrome in his office.

Cross Clinic Plastic Surgery in Pamplona

The Cross Clinic is located in Plaza Europa 13, under City of Transportation 31119 Imarcoain (Navarra) Patient Care Phone and to make appointments: 948 853 668
Surgeons of recognized prestige Doctors: Dr. Ricardo Ruiz de Erenchun specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dr. Carlos Concejo Cutolí specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery.

The specialties of the Cross clinic:

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Implants by the traditional system and by the zygomatic system.

Aesthetic Body Medicine

Body Mesotherapy – Firming – Carboxytherapy – Arms and Thighs – Nutrition and Dietetics – Varicose Veins and Spiders Vascular – Hyperhidrosis

Plastic Surgery in Pamplona

Interventions in Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Otoplasty and Bleafaroplasty

Clinic of Dr. Ana Lázaro Pamplona

Dr. Lázaro Clinic located at Calle San Miguel Beloso Alto, 32 31006 Pamplona (Navarra). Telephone for appointments 609 130 629.
Dr. Lázaro is a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, anti-aging, Varicose Veins, Liposculpture and Alopecia.

Facial treatments

We perform from facial rejuvenation treatments, botox-vistabel, mesotherapy, scrubs … always with the utmost rigor and the latest technology.

Body treatments

We perform from personalized diets to treatments of mesotherapy, lipolaser, stem cells, varicose veins, hypersudoration, liposculpture without scalpel

Laser Technology

We specialize in treatments with laser technology to treat pigmented, vascular lesions, photodepilation, dermatological surgery, lipolaser
More information on your own website. Ana Lazaro Clinic

Dr. Ana de la Concepción Clinic

Dr. Ana de la Concepcion passes her consultation at the San Juan de Dios Hospital C / Beloso Alto, 3 31006 Pamplona (Navarra)
info@dradelaconcepcion.com Patient care phone number 948 290 690 Mobile phone. 605 381 941

Breast Surgery in Pamplona

Breast surgery: augmentation, reduction, elevation, reconstructive techniques.

Facial cosmetic surgery:

blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, mentoplasty, otoplasty. Facial rejuvenation treatments without surgery and lipofilling.

Body Surgery

Body contour surgery: liposuction, tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift.

Other Aesthetic Clinics in Pamplona

Dorsia Clinic in Plaza de la Libertad, 3 Telephone 948 29 30 26.
Naturae Aesthetic Medicine Center – Calle Benjamin de Tudela 31, Telephone 948 27 21 37.
Bellechick Clinic – Angel Postigo Mejias Street 4, Under Phone 948 24 52 81
Aesthetic Center Doctor Carlos Colás, Calle Beloso Alto 32, Telephone 948 29 61 11

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