5 Apps to Learn Languages ​​Easily

Learning new languages ​​is a challenge for many. Either because of the complexity of the language, or because of the lack of time. Everyone has had difficulty ever learning a new language. Luckily the technology is here to help you.

Cell phones are useful for everything, there are apps that range from sale of spare parts and augmented reality, to messaging and social networks. There is an app for every need, also if you want to learn languages.

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<p>Today you will meet five apps to learn languages ​​that guarantee effective results while you learn by watching movies or singing. Take advantage of this holiday season learning a new language!</p>
<h2>The 5 apps to learn languages ​​you didn't know</h2>
<p>Learning a new language is super necessary today, and it can open many doors to new areas. Although there are thousands of translator apps, it will never be compared to learning a new language from scratch. </p>
<p>Many app developers know this, that's why they program apps so you can learn languages ​​effectively. All from the comfort of your smartphone.</p>
<h3>ABA English – Learn English with the help of audiovisuals</h3>
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ABA English is an app developed for you to learn English with the help of movies and songs. It was awarded in 2018 as Best Educational App, and both Google and Apple have it as the best educational apps.

This app is free and gives access to enough content. But if you want to use the premium option you can access all the classes and you will get the certificates.

LyricsTraining – Learn Languages ​​through Music

This app can be extremely fun if you like music. With LyricsTraining you can learn languages ​​by completing the lyrics of your favorite songs.

With this app you can practice up to 10 languages ​​and you can enjoy various levels of difficulty. No matter how advanced you are in a language, you can always practice with music. The best part it is free.

Beelingualapp – Learn more than 10 languages ​​with Audiobooks and Music

Learning languages ​​is always more fun when we do things we like. Why not read a good story or listen to music? Beelingualapp allows you to learn up to 13 languages ​​through stories and music.

It is very easy to use, because it only divides the screen in two, showing you the original text above and the one translated below. All while listening to the native narrator.

HelloTalk – Practice your pronunciation effectively

It doesn't matter if you are new practicing a language, or have been perfecting a second language for years. You know how important it is to practice pronunciation, and that is that learning languages ​​goes beyond grammar.

HelloTalk knows this, that's why they developed an app so you can talk with natives from other countries who are also learning a new language. It works as an exchange system, if you want to learn English and know Spanish, you will speak with an Englishman who wants to learn Spanish, do you see how easy it is?

You can meet new and interesting people while you practice. And quiet, it's totally free.

Memrise – Use common expressions to learn

Memrise has a very fun app to learn a new language. Maybe at first glance it doesn't make much sense, because this app gives you simple expressions in a new language and repeats them constantly.

Memrise bases its system on repetition and memory. That is, the more you repeat something you are more prone to learn it. Once the same expression has been repeated several times, they teach you to add it in a daily conversation.

You can learn up to 9 languages ​​and it's totally free.

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<p>You already know these new apps to learn languages ​​easily, now it is up to you to apply and put effort. </p>
<p>Remember that it doesn't matter how great an app or course is. Learning a new language requires a lot of dedication and effort. Of course, it doesn't have to be boring and you can always find a fun way to do it. </p>
<p>Encourage to learn a new language today. Take advantage of this vacation and these excellent apps. You will meet new and interesting people, all while learning a new and interesting language. </p>
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