4 things that CATS HATE – Caring for Kittens – Photos

Like people, cats have tastes. Some things they like more, other things they like less. Today we will explore a little the elements, actions and moments that felines hate most. So you can avoid his bad mood. There are things that are well known and it has become common sense that cats do not enjoy, but there are also some surprises.

Loud noises

Cats don't enjoy loud noises. They hate them and can even cause them fear and stress. From the horn of a car to listening to firecrackers or loud music. Loud noises can generate pictures of stress or anxiety in our cat. Keep in mind that a loud noise for the cat implies a change in its environment, and cats are animals that enjoy the safety of what they know.

The lemon

The most common is that cats do not enjoy lemon smell. If you want to prevent a cat from approaching certain areas of your house, try spraying with lemon perfume on the places in the house that you want to have released from the cat. You can even use a lemon and rub certain structures so that the smell is impregnated and the feline does not approach.

The strong caresses

Cats are sensitive animals, so it is important that the caresses that we make are soft. It is very important to teach younger children to avoid accidents. If we pet a cat very strongly, it can react violently. Therefore, always with softness and attending to the cat's response, because there are some who do not even enjoy being touched.

To ignore them

On the one hand we say that cats are animals that do not enjoy changes in their environment, and neither the caresses, although when they are soft pampering it is not usually a nuisance. But another characteristic of felines is that they have a bad mood and get upset when human beings ignore them. Cats avoid extremes, they don't like excessive caresses, but they don't enjoy being ignored either.

Keep in mind that if you ignore the cat many times, it can take retaliatory measures. From tearing a piece of clothing or furniture, to peeing somewhere in the house. In short, we must be attentive to the needs of our cats to be happy and keep us happy without the extremes of a changing personality like that of the cat.

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