3 simple tricks to get customers on LinkedIN

Sometimes companies only have one obsession: get customers. And they are the cause, in a small part, of the success or failure of a company. Commercial job offers abound even under the stones. Generally, the most common are those in which commercial with experience is requested and, as if that were not enough, already with a client portfolio. But … is it that companies have not yet realized that there are currently other channels equally effective to get customers? LinkedIN is one of them. Here are some Essential tricks to get customers on LinkedIN.

An attractive profile on LinkedIN

There is no client that falls at your feet if you do not work a little your LinkedIN profile. If you are not a lover of social networks, I recommend an updated and complete profile on LinkedIN. In addition to helping you position yourself on Google, it will make you more attractive to business managers or Human Resources managers. So add all the information about your professional experience, examples of your work, request recommendations from the rest of your clients and make yourself visible, very visible. Believe it or not, it works. I have already received enough messages from CEOs of companies through my LinkedIN profile requiring my services. So, goal achieved.


Patience is the mother of science. The same happens with customers, who sows, usually collects

Provide value in LinkedIN

Bringing value seems very broad, but no. In this network of professional contacts it is very easy. For a while now you can share articles with the general public, a specific LinkedIN group or only with your network of contacts. So if what you want is to position yourself as an expert in a topic, share information on that business niche every day. It is a perfect showcase for your CV.

Do not be shy and contact

Shyness is not for LinkedIN. I, for example, is the only social network that I have open and in which I accept almost all the friend requests that I receive. It is the only way to expand the network of professional contacts, since you never know what can happen. Also, use the search engine to locate the profiles that interest you. For example, if you want to market your products with companies in the retail sector, look for profiles of purchasing managers in that area. As you add profiles of this type, friendship suggestions will appear according to the professional contacts of these people. Take that opportunity

And finally, do not add contacts without ton or are and without planning. LinkedIN also penalizes this type of profiles. Avoid being the next one.

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