3 common SEO mistakes that are still made

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Years go by and there are things that never change. Rather, there are errors that, however much has been written and announced about them, even with their respective solutions, are still being committed.

And search engine optimization (SEO) was not going to be less. Still today There are websites that continue to make the most common and ancient mistakes at the time of preparation, ballasting any future online strategy.

Although some say that SEO is not so important, it is (you're welcome, buddy!). And it must be taken into account long before starting any online strategy. SEO must be taken into account from the moment the need arises to create a website. And it must be taken into account from the first steps.

The technology and platform that is used for the design and development of a website is decisive for the purpose of subsequent positioning in Internet search engines. And, just like online marketing and the many variables that define an SEO strategy, the programming languages ​​used for the development of a website have also varied and evolved a lot over time.

New technologies, new programming languages, new styles, new trends, etc. The inherent dynamism of the Internet has resulted in new protagonists who must be used effectively and efficiently if they want to maximize their potential. AND all of it, how could it be otherwise, directly influences SEO.

However, there are 3 common SEO errors that, despite everything, are still committed when creating a website. And it is not for lack of information, because the Internet is full of guides, manuals, tutorials and blogs that talk about the subject. Rather, I think it is due to lack of interest. Are these.

First mistake: poorly chosen hosting

There are currently a large number of hosting providers (web hosting) with thousands of offers. With similar prices and almost similar benefits, it seems that it does not matter much to decide for one or another provider, as most only look at the price.

The choice of the right hosting is decisive to achieve an optimal web positioning. One of the variables most valued in SEO by search engines is hosting, since depending on the server that hosts the website, it can load faster or less, offer or not friendly URLs, allow or not to host a blog, or , something as basic as allowing 301 redirects.

My recommendation is always that in this first and crucial step you consult with professionals specialized in website hosting, who can advise you in the best possible way and recommend you the best option adapted to your objectives and needs.

For a few years now, the prices of web hosting have dropped and are very affordable for any person or company, so this should not be a problem. A good decent hosting may not reach € 100 per year.

SEO errors: bad hosting

Second error: badly chosen programming language

The code or language with which the website is developed influences very directly how it will be indexed later by Internet search engines. These search engines are able to interpret labels or parts of code to classify the information they find as they index the content of the pages of a website.

You have to be especially careful with the Javascript. While it is true that search engine robots do not repair in that language, the codes that are derived from it are treated differently and it is for this reason that the use of said code, specifically in the header and body of the page , can seriously affect positioning.

In addition, any content entered in the middle of a Javascript code will be ignored by the search engine, so it will not be indexed and the possibility of having quality content will be lost.

But the error par excellence is to continue using Flash when programming a website. Yes, okay, it's very cool, you can do spectacular things and manage to give the websites a lot of dynamism. But a website generated in Flash is a simple page that has embedded the Flash file. And that file is inaccessible to search engines, because they cannot access the content. And if they can't access the content, they can't index it in any way.

So, don't even think about using Flash to develop or design your website.

SEO errors: bad programming language

Third error: technology misused and with errors

Finally, there are still developers who seem to be catching flies instead of writing code or programming with logic and order. But worst of all, there are no tests or tests on the operation and content of the websites that have just been developed.

While it is true that it is becoming less frequent, I still occasionally encounter websites with errors on the screen, broken links (very typical) or unclear source code and errors.

The failures of a website are also found and indexed by search engine robots. Above all, the Google robot easily finds these errors and can be more than enough reason to incur both a penalty and situations of less importance (but not less important), such as the impossibility of improving the online positioning of a website .

SEO errors: bad technology

Tips to avoid these SEO errors

I said it. On the Internet you will find a lot of information on how to avoid and minimize the adverse effects of these errors. But since you've come here, let me give you some slight tips to avoid these SEO errors.

  • Thoroughly check your website for errors, both at the content level and at the code level. For the first, just visit your entire website for bugs. For the latter, there are online tools that will help you to do this. In future articles I promise you that I will give you a list of these types of tools.
  • Analyze your project, your target audience and the needs of your potential clients with professionals in the sector, so that the content that appears on your website is what your target audience looks for when using Internet search engines.
  • Never use flash to develop and / or design your website. Not even the banners. For banners, use better animated GIFs.
  • He javascript code that you use should always be outside the source code, that is, in separate files that are called when the web page is loaded. If you still decide to add this code to any page of your website, always do so at the end of the code.
  • Hire a suitable hosting for the programming language you have chosen to create your website. Especially if it is a language that runs on the server, such as PHP. Not all hosting plans offer it.

In short, both the development and design of a website requires a specific work methodology where SEO takes center stage from the start. If you believe that you cannot do it alone or that your knowledge does not cover the needs of your website, consult with experts specialized in search engine optimization.

The online positioning of your website depends on the quality and effectiveness with which the aforementioned tools are used. So, the power is in your hands. In addition, correcting these errors once the project has started is very complex and sometimes impossible, unless the website is completely redone.

I am aware that, although this article is one more of all those articles that treat and solve these SEO errors, there will be people who continue to commit them. But human beings are like that, imperfect by nature, and we often make the same mistake over and over again …

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