3.0 ”and 256 GB memory module

SMART Modular Technologies, a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, and manufacturer of specialized memories, storage and hybrid solutions that include memory modules, flash memory cards and other solid-state storage products, showed its new 3.0 ”and 256 GB memory module Gen-Z (ZMM) in the 2019 Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California.

The latest 256 GB DDR4 ZMM 256 GB supports access semantics
multiple, DRAM access addressable by byte and block, in-band configuration and
passcode / region key isolation codes.

The 3.0 ”form factor follows the standard form factor of the
industry and data center SSD 3 "SNIA (4C SFF-TA-1008/9).

Thus, this memory module of 3.0 ”and 256 GB Supports up to 30 GB / s of
of data with a 400 deterministic access latency
running on Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell rack servers

Technology in the 3.0 ”memory module

3.0 ”and 256 GB memory module

The Gen-Z scalable computing interconnection protocol provides
a simplified interface based on the semantics of memory and is designed
to handle advanced workloads, allowing computing
data-centric with scalable memory groups and resources for analysis in
Real time and memory applications.

The Gen-Z interconnection standard was developed to allow new
solution architectures to offer high levels of performance (high
bandwidth, low latency), software efficiency, optimizations of
energy and agility of the industry.

In addition, the ZMM DDR4 uses a DRAM Gen-Z ASSP memory controller
developed by IntelliProp and a 32 Gb 3DS DDR4 DRAM of 4
high density densities provided by Samsung.

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