If there is something that all women take care of and try to be always ideal is our mane. In fact, having perfect hair is the dream of many. This is a main part of our charm and makes us look much prettier. That is why we do not skimp on products so that it always looks healthy and is up to date. To make your mission of having enviable hair easier, don't miss the next ones Tips for having perfect hair.

How to have perfect hair

Having perfect hair can be simpler than you imagine. Sometimes, just by modifying certain habits you do every day, you will have more than guaranteed success. I can assure you that it will seem that you have a personal hairdresser available 24 hours for you how beautiful it will be.

1. Brush your hair daily

In order to avoid the knots and spoil your strands by brushing it to undo the tangles, comb three times a day. It is advisable that the brush is thick bristle since it benefits your hair is shiny. Another option is a wide tooth comb.

Try one of the times you comb it to be before bed because this action activates the blood circulation of your scalp. Consequently, you will be benefiting the growth of your hair.

2. Roll your hair to sleep

When you are combing your hair before going to bed, go wrapping it around your head. Help yourself with tweezers, forks or pins so that the strands do not escape. This trick will help your hair not get tangled and make it more smooth and silky.

3. Use silk covers

One of the tricks to have the perfect hair that few people know, but that helps a lot is this. Silk is a much softer material than cotton, which It will make your hair not frizz to not be dry to the hair cuticle.

Another texture that is also recommended, in addition to silk, is satin.

4. Do not rinse your hair with hot water

To get perfect hair you should never rinse it with hot water. The best is with cold water, or at most warm. The hot water dries the leather hair and reduces its luminosity, while the cold stimulates growth, closes the pores and gives a glow to the mane.

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5. Place a filter in the water

Having a water filter allows you to remove from it the minerals and other substances it contains, which cause the hair to lose its shine and become stiff.

6. Do not lie down with wet hair

To have perfect hair, never go to bed with a wet head. On the one hand, it increases the chances of your constipation. On the other, it will make your strands weaker and break more easily.

7. Cut your tips

If you are mine, you love wearing long hair. Therefore, you avoid going to the hairdresser because you know he will want to cut your ends. Although it may not seem like it, to have perfect hair it is recommended to take it off once every three months. This will help you not to have split ends, your hair to grow further and, of course, to look spectacular.

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8. Avoid chemical treatments

Dyes, straightening and other hair treatments are products with various chemicals. Therefore, try not to apply this type of article much.

You should also keep in mind that pool chlorine can spoil your strands a lot. That's why we advise you to wear a hat when you go for a dip.

9. Hydrate your hair

Both cold and heat can have a negative impact on your hair. Therefore, in addition to applying a good shampoo and a conditioner, put on a mask once a week, and leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it.

10. Apply hair oil

Special hair oils are very advantageous to prevent drying, especially during the cold months. Depending on what you buy, you can use it after shampooing with wet hair, or once it is dry.

11. Use the plates as little as possible

The irons can damage the hair due to the heat they emanate. Then, try to use them as little as possible and apply some serum when you use them.

When it comes to dryers, they can also cause your hair to become dull if you use maximum heat output. It is best that you use the cold or warm program and dry your hair in small divisions. Avoid directing the jet of air on a lock for a long time, especially if you don't move it. To have perfect hair, ion dryers are a valuable option.

12. Eat healthy foods

You may think that food has nothing to do with the state of your hair. However, you are wrong. Food affects the entire body including hair or nails, for example. If the body lacks any of the nutrients it needs to work properly, the chances that your hair will break down and break will increase.

Keep in mind that in addition to a healthy diet it is very important that you are hydrated. Thus, Drink plenty of water.

13. Don't wash your hair every day

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is to wash their hair every day because they think it's good. But no, washing your hair daily will make it more fragile, it cakes more easily and is opaque.

14. Use different accessories

Always using the same ponytail, headband and / or other accessories can cause them to put a lot of pressure on a part of the hair. Therefore, it is better that you alternate the sconces that you wear and that, as far as possible, wear it loose.

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Things you should not do with your hair

On the one hand, if you are going to dye your hair, try not to apply it yourself, unless you are a professional hairdresser. By doing this you may use products that are not suitable for your hair type, or that you do not apply well and you end up going to the hairdresser. Thus You will be subjecting your tufts to more chemicals.

Many people have the habit of untangling their hair when it is wet. If you are one of those, try to modify this habit because when your hair is wet it can break more easily.

Getting tight hairstyles is another thing you should avoid If you want to have perfect hair. When you tie your hair very often, such as in a ponytail, you will be exposing the scalp root to a very damaging tightness.

It is also not good to comb your hair with a brush or comb that is dirty. When the utensils are dirty, they accumulate dead particles of your hair that can be transformed into bacteria and adhere to your scalp.

Avoid exposing your head to the sun for a long time without wearing a hat. Keep in mind that the sun's rays also damage the good health of your hair since they can burn it, just like your skin.

On the other hand, one of the things that you should never do is apply hair products that have been open for a long time or that have expired.

Now that you know the best tricks to have perfect hair and what you should not do, there is no longer an excuse that your hair is not bright, healthy and perfect every day of the year.

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