Nothing is more satisfying for a vain person than looking in the mirror and seeing beautiful, hydrated and healthy skin. Sometimes, we don't have time to take care of our skin, or we forget, and we end up suffering with some spots, premature wrinkles, pimples, among other defects that can affect our skin.

Thinking about it, we have prepared some essential tips to take care of your skin. Spend some time of the day with some or all of the directions we share with you and you will see that, soon, you can enjoy significant changes in your skin.

Meet 10 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy

1. Service of

First of all, cleaning is essential to keep the skin beautiful
and healthy. Cleaning the pores every day means that you are opening
space on your skin to breathe. And it can't be with any soap, but with
mild soaps, preferably liquids; as are the cases of Dove, by
example, or those of glycerin; since they are options that clean the skin very well.

2. Exfoliation

Ally of the cleaning, an exfoliant helps the skin to eliminate the
dead cells and non-superficial impurities; for what you should try
this second step also as a priority for a better appearance of the

3. Moisturizer

Easily found, there are several skin creams, just know which one is the best for your skin type and, subsequently, make daily use, especially after exfoliation. In the face, hands, legs, feet and everything else, the more cream, the better. In addition to moisturizing the skin, it will be brighter, looking healthier and younger.

There are many products level opinions that can help you to this end, therefore, we encourage you to use them daily to get a much more hydrated skin.

4. Sunscreen

Before applying makeup, every day, pass a protector
solar with SPF according to your skin tone. Pass it through the areas that will remain
exposed during the day, which are usually the face and arms. In addition to
protect from sun rays, prevent premature aging and appearance
of the undesirable spots.

5. Water

Internal hydration is also reflected in skin health; by
We recommend you drink enough water, lots of juice and other healthy liquids.
They hydrate well.

6. Teas

Green tea, yellow or white, help protect the skin against
diseases such as skin cancer and wrinkles, in addition to being antioxidants;
As if that weren't enough, fight free radicals. Don't forget to drink around
2 liters per day.

7. Food

Eliminate fatty foods in your diet, since the diet
It also influences the appearance of the skin. If so, enrich your diet with
antioxidants and essential fatty acids such as blackberries, almonds, flaxseed, cereals,
grains, lean meats, among others. Foods like chocolate, fried, pasta,
sandwiches, among others; They are types of foods that leave oily skin, which
It generates pimples.

8. Never sleep with

Falling asleep with makeup will only obstruct the breathing of the
overnight skin Impurities penetrate the skin, and end up by
Become pimples and pimples. If so, do not forget to remove makeup before
of sleeping, no matter how late you get home.

9. Exercise

Physical exercises, mainly aerobics, stimulate
blood circulation. As they say, internal health is reflected by
inside to outside.

10. Sleep well

Finally, don't forget to sleep well. Nothing better than a good one
Sleep night for skin health. Have you noticed that when we sleep
Around 8 or more hours do we feel prettier when we wake up?
Thinner? And is that sleep is good for the whole organism.

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