Integrals: the safest helmets

The greatest passive protection against an impact

The integral helmets, in one piece so that in a collision they would not be disassembled, are the ones that offer the greatest protection to the rider. They adapt to the head completely protecting the entire face and the chin area. There may be other types of helmet more comfortable and ventilated especially for the summer in the city, but of course there is no other type of motorcycle helmet safer and that offers greater passive protection than an integral. That is why integral helmets are always the most recommended, for any time of the year and road bike, because protection and safety comes first.

Top 10 Best Integral Helmets 2019

Cheap and reliable helmets

Last update: July 17, 2019 10:37 am

Why buy an integral covered helmet

Percentage of collisions by zone in the hull

If you're still not sure about buying a full-face helmet, check out this image that maps the impact percentages in different areas of the helmet.

Approximately 35% of the blows are received in the area where a jet helmet would expose! Do not think about it and catch an integral. Here you have seen the best rated according to the opinions of 2019, future entries will focus on helmets for women or children. Remember to also wear gloves and appropriate clothing for the motorcycle. Travel safe!

Types of Closures

Micrometric consists of a plastic strip with stripes, more comfortable but may suffer wear.

Fast, click type. It suffers the wear of the use although it should exceed the useful life of the helmet.

Double D, double ring closures. It is the less complex closing system but it provides more security since it does not suffer from wear and could hardly be opened. In fact it is the only system approved in circuit.

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