The Summary tables are
tools that can be very useful in a wide variety of fields,
This is because they serve to communicate complex information, but in a way
Simple and summarized. That is why it is helpful to know what are the
top synoptic picture softwares, since with this type of
Programs are much easier to make tables and concept maps.

🤔 What is a synoptic picture?

create your own synoptic pictures online with these tools

A synoptic picture, too
known as concept chart; It is an instrument used to
briefly communicate certain information
. All this is due
to that, it allows to organize coherently different data of interest,
referring to a specific theme.

Certainly, The usefulness of this type of frame is infinite, since it can be used to study a subject; where it is necessary to contrast different points of view, compare information, classify differences and similarities, among others. That is why, both in companies, educational academies, and other types of institutions employ it.

⚠️ On the other hand, it is important to know that the synoptic picture should not be confused with the concept map, since they are two totally different tools.

The best softwares to do
Summary tables

Thanks to the usefulness of the Summary tables, an extensive amount of software and applications have been developed; which, help to create this type of box in a simple way. Certainly, the most complete are payments, while the free ones are simpler.

At our Utilities category, You will find help tools in your day to day.

In this sense, these are the
top softwares to make synoptic pictures:

➡️ Lucidchart

☑️ It is the best of all and we have a free account, request it in the comments!

It is one of the platforms
more complete focused on the creation of synoptic tables, since offers
a lot of functions
and options to users; the reason why,
It has more than 15 million users. In addition, he has also collaborated with
relevant companies today, such as Google, Adobe, Amazon,
Netflix, among others.

synoptic box made online

On the other hand, among the most important functions of this app, it highlights:

  • Concept map creation
  • Organization charts
  • Flowcharts
  • Mental maps
  • Etc…

It should be mentioned that, it has two modalities: the free one is the one that allows access to almost all functions, but only one person can use it. While, in the paid version it is possible to use each available template and function, in different devices; but for this you must pay USD 11.95 per month.

In addition, it is a compatible program
with mobile devices that have an iOS operating system, as well as
also Android; can be easily used on smartphones, tablets,
iPads, among others.

➡️ MiMind

It is known as the application
free more useful to make synoptic tables
, because it provides the
opportunity to use a wide variety of templates, formats, colors and
designs. In addition, after creating it is possible to share the table with others
people, export it in image format, PDF, or in an XML file.

It is important to mention that,
miMind is only compatible with Android, so it can only be downloaded by
Google Play Store medium; however, there is also the option to download
the APK, which is compatible with devices from other systems

➡️ Flowdia Diagrams Demo

For its part, this is another one of the
top applications to create conceptual pictures; since it offers
different tools to work in an easy, original and fast way. Fits
mention that it has two versions, free and paid; being the first the
more basic version. While the modality pays, it is much more complete and
It can be purchased on any Android device for only $ 5.53.

Flowdia Diagrams Demo supports the
export of diagrams in different formats, such as PNG, SVG, PDF, or
JPG In addition, it is not only possible to create synoptic tables, but also
allows the creation of other types of diagrams, such as concept maps and
mental, flowcharts, rack, network, chevron, among many others.

Also, if what you want is download Flowdia
Diagrams Demo for PC
, you should know that this is also possible, and of
totally free.

➡️ DrawExpress Diagram Lite

application to create sipnotic boxes

It can be considered as the most interactive option to make synoptic tables, this is because it recognizes the figures and shapes created by the user, through touch. Thus, It is possible to make organizational charts, or conceptual pictures With the desired design. In addition, the app is compatible with iOS, and Android operating systems; while, the APK allows it to be used on computers.

It should be noted that, as it happens
With the other applications, DrawExpress Diagram has a free version and
One pay, the latter is priced at USD 6.04.

Why is it recommended to use
programs to create synoptic tables?

Design and create synoptic tables It can be a complicated task if the right tools are not used; in fact, Excel and Word don't work so well for it (but I leave you a video of how it could be done). For this reason, it is much more convenient to use specialized applications and programs; This way you can get the expected results, without having to try too hard.

Synoptic Box with Word

The ideal is to have created a template to create schemes (or synoptic box) with Word.

That is why, if you are in
search for a simple program that can offer designs and templates
tools; the above mentioned options should be considered.

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