Today there are so many different mobile devices, that there is everything in the market. A specification that most users are looking for is that Have the function of Dual SIM or double chip.

how to have dual sim

👉 What is the Dual SIM? This means that on the same cell phone, you can have two different numbers of phones, and that they receive calls through these two numbers.

In order to make this possible, the device must have two slots to insert the chip.

How to have two different phone numbers on the same cell phone?

It's very simple, to have two numbers on the same cell phone, for that you just have to have two operational linesFor example, you can have an operator such as Telcel (for private use), and another Claro (for business or private use).

⚠️ For the previous case, it may be necessary to activate the chip if necessary (although there are usually no problems). But if the activation is complicated, I recommend you see the possible solutions to activate your lines.

Once the mobile device is turned on, the icons of the two active operators will appear and can be used normally.

☑️ Advantages of using double chip

Some people may not see any utility, but the truth is that it has many advantages, and possibly after reading this article you rethink if you need to have another chip.

  • If you have Advertised a product or service and contacts you regularly, it is advisable to use a number that is not for personal use, for example, to deactivate that line at night or on holidays.
  • Yes those of your work, they call you outside working hoursl, it is recommended that they have another phone number, so that when you leave work you can deactivate it.
  • For the people who like to have love affairs it suits them, so they can also have two whatsapp (but watch out apps to spy on whatsapp).
  • It can combine rates to save money, for example, a line of data and others of calls.

Types of dual sim or double chip that exist

configure dual sim

There are three modes of dual sim which exist:

  1. Dual Standby: Only one of the two cards can be used for data. And when one line receives a call or is made, the other goes into the waiting state or innactivity.
  2. Dual SIM Passive: You can carry both cards, but only one of the two cards can be active at a time. The only advantage is that you can change SIM without having to turn off the phone or remove the card.
  3. Dual SIM call: You can have both cards receiving calls at the same time, but you can only use the data of one of the two SIMs. This mode implies a higher battery consumption.

Tips on having a double chip in your cell phone

If you don't have two chips yet, but you're thinking of having another card …

ℹ️ You should ask your line operator if it is compatible with DUAL SIM operation.

ℹ️ If you plan to ignore some calls from one of the specific cards, remember to put two different ringtones to each SIM, to avoid possible errors.

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