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Since we visited Greece For the first time, we had always wanted to return. On that first trip we focused mainly on continental Greece; the Peloponnesus, Delphi, Meteora Y Athens, but we could also visit some of the Greek islands best known: Crete, Santorini Y Zante. Despite having spent about 20 days in Greece, we liked that trip so much that it awakened in us that desire to return to learn more. That is why we returned, but this time we wanted to dedicate it exclusively to the Greek islands.

Sunset in Oia, Santorini
Sunset in Oia, Santorini

So this is our second trip to Greece to do one 21-day route through the Greek islands. Some Greek islands Clear! We would already like to be able to include them all, but unfortunately our vacations are not infinite … The positive thing is that we now have an excuse to return and visit the remaining islands.

When organizing our trip, the first thing we asked ourselves was which were the best greek islands To visit, the most paradisiacal islands and the islands with more cultural offer. And after much reading and taking out all the information, opinions, and listening to family and friends with their experiences, we made our own customized cruise, according to our tastes and interests and, the truth is that three weeks we were given to visit the seven greek islands that more interest aroused in us. We could also book a couple of days to repeat Athens, since in the previous trip we had not been able to enjoy it enough for an unforeseen health.

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What Greek islands to visit

Our trip to the Greek islands begins on August 28 flying from Barcelona to Mykonos. From here we were jumping from island to island until the last one, which was Rhodes, from where we fly to Athens then take the flight back to Barcelona.

It was a very complete trip; we enjoy archaeological sites (which you already know we love), nature, towns and cities with a lot of charm, but we also had our part of relaxing on paradisiacal beaches, without forgetting the food, the people and the culture of the place . We decided to include the following islands in our greek islands tour and the truth is that I think we are not mistaken at all:

Mykonos Island

Mykonos We were pleasantly surprised. A priori, nothing called our attention because of the fame of party tourism, beach and lust (lol) and all at exorbitant prices. What an eye! it is probably that, precisely, what some of you are looking for. And we don't criticize it, only that we like to spend our year savings on seeing and doing things we can't do in the city where we live. And, party, alcohol and beach we already have it in our country.

Microphone Mills
Microphone Mills

Mykonos It is the most expensive Greek island we have encountered. The most expensive accommodation we have paid in all Greece, 100 euros / night sharing room and bathroom, yes very cool! The hostel has a very good customer rating. In case anyone is interested we leave the link here: MyCocoon Hostel

The case is that we choose to go to Mykonos why to visit Of the, a must stop for lovers of history and archeology and island that we did not want to miss for anything in the world, we had to go there, besides there was a direct flight from Barcelona. So it became an ideal starting point.

In the end, Mykonos, despite its prices, we liked it much more than expected. We only spent 2 nights there and the truth is that the island left us with a very good taste.

Chora Mykonos
Chora Mykonos

The day we spent in Mykonos we dedicate it to wander through the old city Chora and to make a short walking tour to the highest peak of the island to observe the views of the whole island and the sunset from there. The excursion is something very unusual, practically nobody who is going to Mykonos He does, but the accommodation guys offered us to go with them and it was a success.

If you want to know what things to see in Mykonos, we will tell you in the post What to see in Mykonos in 3 days.

Delos Island

On the second day, we took the first ferry in the old port of
Chora, in Mykonos, to go to visit the Delos Island, an uninhabited island,
but with one of the most extensive and impressive archaeological sites that
We have never visited.

Delos Island
Delos Island

It's super curious to think that, in this lowercase Aegean Island, no more than 5 km long and 1300 meters wide, 30,000 people lived in the year 90 BC, from the Athenians and Romans themselves, to people of other nationalities and cultures of the Mediterranean, all living in perfect harmony. Despite its small size, it was the most sacred place in ancient greece, because the gods were born there Apollo Y Sagebrush.

Delos Archaeological Museum
Delos Archaeological Museum

On the same island you can also visit the Archeological Museum
from Delos
so, although most people visit it in about 3 hours,
we spend the whole day there visiting every corner and every stone until
That, at 7:30 p.m. we took the last ferry back to Mykonos.

Of the It can only be visited in summer, in winter it is
closed. These are the schedules of the boats that sail to and from Delos:

Mykonos Of the:

09:00 | 10:00 | 11: 30 | five pm

Of the Mykonos:

12:00 | 13:30 | 15:00 | 19:30

We pay € 20.00 / person for the outbound journey and
Ferry ride that lasts about 30 minutes. The price we
It seemed an expensive tad, really. But you have to make the sacrifice.

The archaeological site of Delos It opens every day, more or less between the months of April to October, from 08:00 to 20:00 and the ticket price is € 12.00 / person. However, in case there have been changes, we recommend you check the current prices and schedules on its official website.

Naxos Island

Our third stop on this trip was the island of Naxos,
the largest and greenest of the Cyclades, but only 18,000 inhabitants. Us
It seemed a very quiet island, ideal to spend a few relaxing days, on
All if traveling with children.

We arrived at the Greek island of Naxos by ferry from Mykonos on a journey of just over 1 hour and we spent four and a half days on the island staying at Depis Place and Apartments.

The main city is the city of Naxos (Chora). The
walk through the streets of the old town was fine but it was nothing
another world, I guess for those who already know Santorini or Mykonos, Naxos is
a "neither fu nor fa".

Portara, Naxos
Portara, Naxos

What we really liked in the port city of Chora, was the Portara ruin, which also offers you unique sunsets, although crowded with people. And best of all, you don't have to pay admission, it's free. In addition to the sunset from Portara, we also liked the panoramic looking towards the city of Chora.

In Naxos we rent a car to be able to travel it freely
and this allowed us to visit beautiful villages, ruins, nature, and
we found stunning turquoise water beaches, practically like
swimming pools.

Mikri Viglia beach in Naxos. Traveling is life
Mikri Viglia beach in Naxos

From Naxos we would jump to one of his little sisters,
the Koufonissi Island.


TO Koufonisi We can only define it with one word: Brutal! This is a tiny island, very close to Naxos, which really seemed like a very good place to flee and disconnect. A true paradise in the Aegean. We were only two and a half days because, really, the island is small and runs in one day, but it is the typical place that, despite not having much to do, captivates you. In fact, when he had to leave, we did it with a certain melancholy. Surely someday we will return and this time it will be to spend a whole week, with a good book and to relax with those infarct landscapes and dream beaches!

Koufonissi "class =" wp-image-788 "srcset =" https://www.viajaresvida.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Koufonissi-Islas-griegas-Viajaresvida.jpg 825w, https: // www .viajaresvida.com / wp-content / uploads / 2019/07 / Koufonissi-Greek-Islands-Viajaresvida-300x169.jpg 300w, https://www.viajaresvida.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Koufonissi- Greek-Islands-Viajaresvida-768x432.jpg 768w, https://www.viajaresvida.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Koufonissi-Islas-griegas-Viajaresvida-585x329.jpg 585w "sizes =" (max- width: 825px) 100vw, 825px "/></figure>
<p>TO <strong>Koufonisi</strong> we also arrived, from the island of <strong>Naxos</strong>, by ferry with the company <em>Hellenic seaways</em>, which cost us 23.50 euros per person and the journey was about 50 minutes. We stayed at the Atlantida Hotel, without great luxuries, but the pool and beautiful views of the city and the port add points.</p>
<p>We left Koufonissi a little sorry, but it was going to happen soon when we reached our next stop: the <strong>Milos Island</strong>. </p>
<h3>Milos (Milo)</h3>
<p><strong>Milos</strong> Something was left on our route and, apparently, it was not going to be a top ten island, but we were very wrong. We include it in our <strong>route through the greek islands</strong> thanks to some great traveling friends (<em><strong>dreaming_destinations</strong></em>), who told us very well about her and, finally, we convinced ourselves to sail a little further to visit her.</p>
<p>We arrived to <strong>Milos,</strong> from Koufonisi, by ferry with the company <em>Seajets</em>, in a journey of about 4 hours. </p>
<p>The name of the island sounds to us all for being the place where the famous was found <strong>Venus de Milo</strong>, white marble statue that, currently, is exposed in the <strong>Louvre Museum </strong>of <strong>Paris</strong>. It is in the form of the souvenir throughout the island.</p>
<figure class=

We spent three whole days in Milos And we loved it. The first day we spent in the famous beach of lunar landscape, the beach of Sarakiniko, since they told us that the sea was calm and it was an ideal day to make jumps from its white rocks.

Sarakinikos (Milos)
Sarakinikos Beach

The next day we rented a quad to visit other corners like Plaka, the Roman theatre, the Trypiti catacombs, near the beautiful fishing village of Klima

Klima, Milos

We went, also to the beach of Firopotamos and watch the sunset in the Kastro de Plaka. On the third and last day we took a sailboat excursion around the island to see other beaches of more difficult access and the most tourist of the island; Kleftiko.

Greek island of Santorini

Santorini is one of the most tourist islands in Greece and, for some reason, it has the reputation it has. Really, in spite of the annoying thing that can be done to visit it in summer, by the amount of cruises that make stop in the island, it is necessary to recognize that it is unique; the cities of Thera and Oia in the middle of the cliff and its narrow streets overlooking the "caldera" have a lot of magic and charm and let's not talk about their sunsets. But also, in Santorini, we find a cultural offer of the most valued, especially by lovers of history and archeology; the Thera museum, the site of the ancient Thera and from the city of Akrotiri, that was buried by ashes after a huge eruption of the volcano, and about which we wrote an article in the magazine The magazine

As for beaches, Santorini does not have the best beaches in Greece. However, it has very unique beaches such as Red beach, reddish in color as the name implies.

The Santorini Island We had already visited her on our previous trip to Greece, but we wanted to go to the Rhodes Island and, to reach her from the Cyclades, it was only possible since Santorini, so we navigate to Santorini since Milos, on a ferry from Seajets and a journey of 2 hours and a half, to get there at noon and take, that same night, the ferry to Rhodes. So we would spend about 14 hours on the island.

We leave the backpacks in the port, in the Spartakos restaurant It has a left-luggage service, so you don't have to carry them all day. They told us that they were open 24 hours (although on their website they say they are until 1:00), which would suit us well since our ferry to Rhodes left at 3:20 in the morning.

We rented a quad in the same port even knowing that it was going to cost us more expensive (45 euros a day) than in Thera, but we didn't have much time to lose if we wanted to see things in so few hours. For the prices of the quads you have to take into account the power and the days of rent, the more days you rent it and the less power cheaper (price / day). Although if you want to go two in the same quad it is advisable to pay a little more and have a quad with more force.

Views from Kasteli of Pyrgos
Views from Kasteli of Pyrgos

We drank enough juice a day and went to see some things we had not seen on the other trip, such as Pyrgos, the ancient capital of Santorini, and where remains of Kasteli, a medieval castle, we climb to the top of the mountain of Prophet Elias with views of the entire island included Ancient thera If you walk a few meters along the path.

Ancient Thera views from Prophet Elias
Ancient Thera views from Prophet Elias

Finally we went to repeat the sunset in Oía, one
of the biggest shows offered by the island of Santorini. After dinner we
we went to the port to return the quad and wait for the departure of our ferry
towards the next island; Rhodes.

What to see in Santorini in 3 days

If you are interested Santorini, we advise you to read the article published in the magazine El Magacín, entitled Akrotiri. The Aegean Pompeii

Rhodes Island (Rhodes)

We arrived in Rhodes from Santorini with a company ferry
Blue star ferries in which we reserve a cabin to sleep during the
Almost 8 hours of travel.

The first impression when disembarking in Rhodes It was pretty bad. The port and its surroundings seemed very careless and it did not seem that we were in Greece or, at least, in the Greece we had known so far. It reminded us of its neighboring country Turkey.

Rhodes. Greek islands
Rhodes. Greek islands

We walked to the hotel with our backpacks while commenting that maybe going to Rhodes It would have been a mistake. It turned out that what had been a mistake was to think that since, finally, Rhodes He caught us for its history and for its archaeological remains scattered throughout the island.

Acropolis of Lindos on the island of Rhodes
Acropolis of Lindos

The island is well known for the famous Colossus of Rhodes, that it was a huge bronze statue, 32 meters high, that represented the sun god Helios and that disappeared after an earthquake that destroyed it in the year 226 B.C. And it is one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. As in Milos with the Venus de Milo, the Colossus is the king of souvenirs on the island.

Rhodes Island is large and to visit others
places on the island, we decided to rent a car. On the island we spent three days and
means to visit the Acropolis of Lindos, Ancient Kamiros, the Acropolis
of Rhodes
, the city of Rhodes and his Archeological Museum.

Ancient Kamiros in Rhodes
Ancient Kamiros

In the Rhodes Island Our tour of the Greek islands ended. Then, by plane, we fly up Athens where we would stay 2 days before returning to Barcelona.

Plan your trip to the Greek islands

We leave you the links we use to plan our trip:

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