⛔ PhilBrandon's NovaFX – Tuparaisonline

His way of speaking was a bit dry, and your answers to my questions they were not entirely conclusive. My suspicions that this was a scam were increasing, to being able to trust something like that needed a lot of evidence, such as proof of payment, conversations with clients among others.

Of first He told me he didn't show conversations or payments with clients to maintain their privacy, but I told him that I could perfectly cover customer data.

At first, he was reluctant, and I already assumed it was a scam and so he couldn't show me those tests.

Then after a few days, this person Phil Brandon wrote in the NovaFx group that after receiving mistrust from several people he had decided to show conversations with customers and pay to them.

In these screenshots it actually appeared A person asking how it worked, and making an income, the next thing you could see is that at 2 days, as Phil had promised, he contacted him and confirmed that he had received a payment of $ 640 what was his due for his investment of 200 dollars.

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