▷ Enjoyboxes 2019 • 【Special Price € 5.99】

Enjoy: Discount price € 5.99

With EnjoyBox you can enjoy Monthly of a 3-in-1 box at your home with products and items of the best brands. 3 in 1? That's right, the Comerbox boxes, unlike similar ones, not only contain food products but also include beauty, personal care and home products.

💥 It has no permanence, you can unsubscribe whenever you want without obligation or penalties.

💥 Like you can unsubscribe whenever you want, you can reactivate the subscription the month you want Receive a new box.

💥 You should not pay no extra shipping cost. The monthly subscription price includes everything, it is the final price you will pay, without surprises.

📢 Did you know that the products you will find in the EnjoyBox boxes They have a much higher value than what you pay each month in the subscription. If you make accounts and you have to buy individually in any store or supermarket all the products that each box contains that you receive, you would spend more than double what you pay monthly for the subscription in this service.

🎁 Promotion | € 14 DISCOUNT in your first box 🎁

🚚 Service available only to people resident in peninsular Spain or Balearic Islands ✅

📦 How does EnjoyBox work?

First of all you should know that the company is responsible for this fun service Producciones Lo Never Viewed, S.L.U., with address in Collado Villalba (Madrid), Avenida Honorio Lozano 51 Office 4, 28400, with C.I.F. No. B84242858.

EnjoyBox It is a monthly subscription service valid for residents in Spain (peninsular and Balearic Islands) with which you will receive monthly while you have the active subscription a 3-in-1 box at your home with food products, personal care and home of the best and biggest brands. The products are usually novelties or products that have been released relatively recently. Sometimes you can even receive products that have not yet gone on the market and be one of the first people who can try it.

How EnjoyBox

💵 How much does the subscription cost?

As for subscriptions, Enjoybox offers Up to 4 different subscription possibilities:

💵 Payment Monthly (each month) € 19.99 / box.

💵 Payment Quarterly (3 months) € 18.99 / box.

💵 Payment Biannual (6 months) € 17.99 / box.

💵 Payment Annual (12 months) € 15.91 / month.

Oh are you NEW USER? If so, I have excellent news for you. And because it is your first box you can get with a huge € 14 discount so you would get € 5.99 for the first box, how about?. 🎁 Claim discount on your first box Enjoybox »

🚚 When will I receive the box?

EnjoyBox base your service on a model of monthly subscription, so every month you will receive a completely new box. Through this subscription you will not have to request your box month by month, a new one will be automatically sent every month until you cancel or cancel the subscription.

📆 Welcome box: The first box you receive from EnjoyBox is called ‘welcome box’. This box will arrive to you in approximately 72 (working) hours since you subscribe.

📆 The rest of the boxes: The rest of the months, you will receive your boxes at the end of the month, usually the last week of each month.

You will receive an e-mail in advance informing you that the box has been sent and you will be able to track your order from My account »Order.

System Shipping is managed by the company Correos Express (at least my city, Malaga). The courier will make several attempts to deliver your box to your home or if you prefer it can be delivered to a post office or agreed point to facilitate management prior notice by you.

❌ Unsubscribe from the EnjoyBox subscription

If you want to unsubscribe from the EnjoyBox service or cancel your subscription, you can do it yourself from your account in a very simple way.

Accessing My Account »Subscription you can cancel the subscription by clicking on ‘Unsubscribe‘ You can also opt for pause the subscription during the months you want. Remember no you can cancel an order that has already been charged, so I always advise you to unsubscribe or pause the subscription against better before, the subscription is normally charged from the 20th of each month.

If you have any problem or difficulty when pausing or canceling the subscription, do not hesitate to contact them by e-mail: contacto@disfrutabox.com.

🎆 How many products do the boxes contain?

The boxes EnjoyBox normally contain between 10 and 15 products of well-known and popular brands. You will not know the contents of the boxes until you receive it and open it for yourself. Each month you will receive new products, very rarely repeated. In addition they almost always include the odd extra product, samples or tester and even discount coupons that you can use in supermarkets and physical stores.

EnjoyBox: Contents of the boxes

Also, next to the products you will find some recipes to make with the products that the box contains and brochures with a description of each products and its recommended price in stores. So you can get an idea of money you save with the box Enjoybox.

📢 Get your EnjoyBox for FREE

You know what Enjoybox offers its subscribers two ways to get future 100% free boxes?

➤ Points system: Through this points system, each time you collect 100 Premium points, you can redeem them for 1 totally free box, as long as your subscription in EnjoyBox is active. These points can be obtained in 2 different ways:

📢 Inviting other people to try Enjoybox. You will receive 50 Points for each friend to subscribe and order at least your first EnjoyBox box through your recommendation link. To get your personal invitation link you must access My Account »Recommend. There you will find your link, also social media buttons to share directly on Facebook or Twitter or even being able to send invitations to the emails of your family and friends.

📝 Respond to surveys and give your opinion on the boxes you receive: Each month you will have the opportunity to earn 10 extra Premium points. Approximately 10 days after receiving your last box, you will have available at My Account »Surveys the questionnaire corresponding to your last box EnjoyBox received, so that you value and give your personal opinion about the products you received. If you answer correctly and complete the survey you will earn as I said 10 Premium points.

➤ Contests through social networks: In addition, each month you can participate in the monthly raffle held on Instagram and Facebook and earn 100 Premium Points. You just have to publish a more original and fun photo using products and the Enjoybox box. If your photo is the winner of the month you will take 100 Premium points or what is the same, a free box.

If you have managed to collect 100 Premium points you should not worry about anything, that month instead of charging the subscription points will be redeemed automatically. The only requirement is to have the active EnjoyBox subscription.

💬 EnjoyBox opinions and conclusion

I have tried several boxes of this style like Degustabox and Testabox and I would definitely highlight EnjoyBox in front of the others is the Variety of products containing. As I said during the article several times, the boxes are not limited to food products but also contain household products, care and personal beauty, so positive for them 🙂

I definitely recommend 100% try EnjoyBox, at least the first box with the discount. For only € 5.99 a box containing approximately 10 products (there are months that contain more, other months that contain less) of the best brands and whose market value doubles and even triples the 5.99 to pay for your first box .

😊 Do you dare to try ENJOY BOX? 😊

🎁 Remember that you can enjoy € 14 DISCOUNT in your first box 🎁

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