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Despite what is thought to have surveillance cameras at home is a great relief if sometimes the house is empty. Understandably, not everyone can afford a monthly fee to hire a security company, but in this article you will discover the 4 best cheapest security cameras to have at home and be able to watch it over WiFi when you want

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The good thing about these cameras is that you do not need to have a hard disk constantly recording or complex programming, just connect it to the home WiFi and go.

Reasons to have a surveillance camera at home

Surveillance cameras are not only to monitor that nobody enters the house, but can also alert us of other inconveniences that may arise, we will make a list of uses that can be given.

  • Having a pet at home while there is no one, is a good reason to keep an eye on her. It is known that the vast majority of dogs are under stress when they are alone and become hyperactive.
  • If we have children of a reasonable age to leave them alone, it can be monitored if they are complying with the house rules when parents are out.
  • If the house remains empty for more than one day, it is good from time to time to look at how the house is, without the need for any family member to come to it.

📹 The cheapest security cameras

First of all, make sure that the website you buy is trustworthy and offers guarantee, on the web decoders you can find excellent security cameras with guarantees. Next we will see the 4 best cameras that can offer a great service to the lowest price in the market.

surveillance cameras
  • Victure 1080P € 30: It is a camera that records everything on an SD card, it is also compatible to watch live from your Android or iOS app.
  • QZT 720P camera € 30: It has motion detection, which can be programmed to alert by sending an email.
  • AuQush 1080P Security Camera € 37: It is compatible with night vision so it is also ideal for monitoring the baby. It allows to incorporate a 128GB SD card.
  • Xiaomi Dome Camera HD 1080P € 37: It is the one that has more angle of all has 110º (the rest have 90º). It connects to the house's WiFi and is controllable from the app.

Let's look at these cameras in a comparison chart:

Make model Vision angle Quality Compatibility Night Mode Motion alert
Victure 1080P 110º (can be moved with the mobile) 1080P Android and iOS Yes Yes
QZT 720P camera 90º (can be moved with the mobile) 720P Android and iOS Yes Yes
AuQush 1080P 90º (can be moved with the mobile) 1080P Android and iOS Yes Yes
Xiaomi Domo HD 1080P 110º (can be moved with the mobile) 1080P Android and iOS Yes Yes

Currently these are the cameras that are reliable that go through the WiFi network of the house, and that thanks to it cannot be spied on by outsiders.

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