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The Italian capital Rome, is known for being called the eternal city, there are various attractions arranged for the visit and recognition of both locals and tourists, coming from anywhere in the world, and that are literally attracted to the wonders that Rome has to offer. One of these wonders of the modern world is, since 2007, the Colosseum and of course the Roman Forum.

What is the Roman Forum?

In times past, the Roman Forum was constituted by a great square surrounded by basilicas, temples and monuments where the civil life of the Roman citizens was developed. Originally, the lands on which the Forum arose were not productive, they were unusable and unhealthy, due to the numerous black water courses that crossed it. Subsequently, they were sanitized by drainage works that were executed for many years.

So this is how the Colosseum and the Roman Forum make up the duo that together with the Paladin mount have become places that are definitely and will be essential and necessary to visit when you are in Rome, and which you can access, visit and meet with the purchase of a single ticket or ticket, which will also allow you a time margin of two days (48 hours) from the purchase of your ticket, to calmly and calmly visit these destinations.

So you can know how, where, at what time, at what price, and under what conditions you can buy Roman Forum tickets, we suggest you continue reading, because we will give you the information you need to know, and we will share with you some that another tip so you can get the most out of your adventure knowing the Roman Forum, Mount Paladin and the Colosseum in Rome.

These tickets will have a different cost depending on the condition of the person who intends to acquire it, for example, if they are citizens of the European Union, their age, and in fact, until their work. The general admission has a cost (general, if you are not a citizen of the European Union) of about 12 euros, and they will serve you for about 48 hours from the moment of your purchase.

Ticket for the Roman Forum

But going deeper into the conditions to buy Roman forum tickets, we explain them below:

The value of a general ticket is approximately € 12 depending on the options chosen. Being € 7.50 the value of the reduced ticket for members of the European Union who are between 18 and 25 years old.

Likewise, and with certain restrictions, the tickets for the Roman forum and the Colosseum will be free for certain people or a certain part of the population. For example, for all citizens under 18 years of age who present a document that indicates any of the following conditions:

  • That he is an EU citizen with a disability.
  • That is a member of your family or partner (of the disabled person).
  • The EU tourist guides who are in the exercise of their activities and aggravate; professional.
  • The EU tourist interpreters who work together with the guide, to the faculty of art history of upper secondary education, showing a valid document, to Italians and foreigners studying materials related to cultural property through a certificate issued by the International Union of Institutes of Archeology, history and art history of Rome.

Tickets for the Roman forum and Colosseum are also free for everyone, the first Sunday of each month. The Roman Forum, Mount Paladin and the Colosseum in Rome, are located along the Via dei Fori Imperiali, which you can reach using the Colosseum Metro. Buy tickets to the Colosseum, they are equipped with ramps, and you can access the ground floor through the well-known amphitheater.

To access the first floor, you must do so by means of an elevator, and for cases that require it, two wheelchairs are available; one for the ground floor and the other for those who go to the first floor.

To directly access the Roman Forum, you must go to the same street, but this time from the Venice Square, and you must go to the left of the Monument to Victor Manuel II, or if not going down from the Campidoglio and crossing a stretch of the Clivus Capitolinus (decline of the capitol) and then continue down the street of the Roman Forum until you approach. On the outskirts there is a ticket office where you can buy Roman Forum tickets.

It is truly sensible and timely to warn you that the queues of people who are made to be able to buy tickets at the ticket offices of the Colosseum are usually really long, and that they will probably take you a long time. This does not depend on the time you go, it is usually indistinct, because in high season there will always be people.

Therefore, we suggest you buy your tickets at the Roman Forum Ticket Office, so you can buy them without much queue and you can start touring this wonderful and amazing forum, or start at the Colosseum, as you prefer.


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