▷ Applications to learn to play an instrument

Today we will talk about the best applications to learn to play an instrument.

Current technology allows you to learn to play an instrument from home, without schedules, without going to class, at your own pace. If you like music and would like to compose your own songs, you have to download your application today.

I will assume that you have already bought your musical instrument.

I believe that the best way to organize the content of this publication is to do it through the different instruments so that you can go directly to the one that interests you most.

Within each block we will see the different applications to learn to play an instrument or simply improve.

Choosing the best app will depend on the instrument you want to learn to play. The app that I consider most complete is Tenuto, which serves to learn musicality from various instruments with easy to understand games. It is very useful for children to learn to play.


MyGuitar, one of the best apps to learn to play the guitar. It is the first, but not the best. I recommend that you try several and decide for yourself the one that best suits your way of learning.

  • GuitarTuna
  • Guitar tuner
  • Guitar – Chords
  • Guitar chords
  • Coach Guitar
  • Guitar!
  • Uberchord


I remember when I was little and they told me that to learn music I had to start with the piano. Learning to play the piano means having very solid musical bases that will allow you to understand music as an expert.

  • MyPiano
  • Simply Piano
  • Piano teacher


There are several applications to play the ukulele. In fact, if you know how to play the guitar, going to the Ukulele will be very easy.

  • Ukulele
  • Yousician
  • Ukulele Tunnel
  • Ukulele Karaoke


Yes, although it may not seem like it, there are people who want to learn to play drums. And yes, you can also play the drum at a major party to the rhythm of Paquito el Chocolatero.

Musical production

Surely there are people who want to learn to produce music. Thanks to current technology, the world of music production offers great opportunities for people like you.

Other instruments

There are other applications very well valued by users in the market that will surely be able to contribute a plus to your learning.

Even if you are already satisfied with your application, I recommend you try new and constantly see if new ones have come out.

This market is moving so fast that from one month to another you can find an excellent application that allows you to learn much faster.

However, despite seeing all these applications to learn to play a musical instrument, I think it is more appropriate to take your device, open Apple Store, Google Play or the app store of your device and search there directly.

In this way you will always find an updated list of applications, ordered according to your preferences and with the comments of other users.

Before finishing I wanted to invite all the musicians who read this publication to leave a comment with the applications they have used. Although I would also be happy to complete this entry with techniques that can complement learning and not only focus on applications.

I think that something very interesting about learning is sharing and growing with other people, and not just behind a mobile screen.

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