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The fruitful seed sown by Eliphas Levi it would not germinate or develop with splendor until the moment when Papus, Stanislas de Guaita and Chaboseau reminded the Martinist Initiation of Martines de Pascually and Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, thus promoting the great medium revival of 1885.

It is Papus who begins the series of masterpieces of this fruitful period of modern occultism; in 1889 his master donates us Tarot of the Bohemians which contains and develops what it considers the authentic keys of Tarot.

Even when in 1909 he published The Divinatory Tarot in which he applies the Tarot to scholarly cartomancy, it is enough and left over with his first book to penetrate the secrets and foundations of the Tarot, and no other of those that have been published later will overcome this work in merits.

Truly, "Papus" "is the pseudonym under which Dr. Gerard-Anaclet-Vicent Encause, a native of A Coruña, on July 13, 1865 from a French father – chemist Louis Encause – and mother from Spain (from Valladolid) ).

When Gerard was barely 4 years old, the Encause family moved to Paris, in whose capacity of Medicine he would later begin his studies getting a doctorate in 1894.

Original cover of the Tarot of the Bohemians of Papus

Despite being considered an excellent external doctor, he abandoned the preparation of the boarding school to devote himself to the study of the occult, to which he would devote some two hundred and sixty works, all signed with the name of Papus (meaning "the doctor of the first hour" according to the Nuctamerón de Apolonio de Tyana).

Endowed with an incredible activity and unalterable enthusiasm, he came to be considered "the Balzac of the Occult", which is not exaggerated if one considers that in addition to his large bibliography he still had time to found two magazines, The Initiation Y Isis's Veil, an Independent Set of Esoteric Studies and a Hermetic Science Capability.

He was also a reorganizer and president of the Supreme Council of the Martinist Order; member and then president of the Cabalistic Order of the Rosicrucian; President of the Magnetic Society of France; And apart from all this, he still had time to visit India, Palestine and multiple European countries.

In The Tarot of the Bohemians, Papus uses Oswald Wirth's engravings drawn and published in 1889 under the title of The Kabbalistic Tarot, of which a limited circulation of three hundred and fifty copies was made.

His comments are based on the indications of Eliphas Levi, who developed with such breadth in the cabalistic and numerological aspect, that it is impossible to summarize it in a few lines, making the study of this work essential.

Major Arcana of Oswald Wirth

In The Divinatory Tarot, apart from the application of Tarot to scholarly cartomancy, he adds seventy new out-of-text sheets drawn by Gabriel Goudinat, in which the major mysteries are influenced by Falconnier's drawings, and the minor mysteries by Etteilla's.

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Papus and Gabriel Goudinat Tarot

Leaving aside his adventurous life, we will conclude with Papus saying that at the beginning of the first world war he started as a major surgeon of the French army, dedicating himself with such determination to his humanitarian work that, exhausted and practically destroyed in the physical, had to be evacuated to the rear guard where he was hospitalized to restore civilian life.

But it was too late; On October 25, nineteen sixteen, when he visited the hospital, he fell to the ground at the same threshold struck by a serious lung disease, dying there.


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