They will locate, in one of the roundabouts of access to the polygon of Agustinos, the statue of the saint that was in the old school –

Alumni of the former Colegio San Agustín had requested collaboration to recover the statue and the City Council has mediated for it

The City Council of Pamplona will place in one of the roundabouts of access to the Agustinos estate the statue of San Agustín recovered after the demolition of the old school that gives its name to the area in 2017. Specifically, the statue will be located in the roundabout more close to what was the access to the center, behind the hypermarket, on the road between Mercairuña and the ITV with what is the road to Santa Lucia and the new prison.

The Consistory has mediated for the recovery of this statue after a group of alumni undertook a campaign two years ago to "save it" from the demolition of the center. The City Council has established contact with the company Boalar Investment S.L., owner of the old school plot, to get the free transfer of the statue. The company has authorized the withdrawal of the statue of St. Augustine over the next seven days for inclusion in the heritage of the city and for its location in the industrial estate, giving visibility to a monument that is currently in the interior of the private estate of the old school. Municipal staff will be in charge of removing the statue of its current units and of its transfer to a warehouse of the City Council until it can be placed in the place decided.

The statue lacks artistic value, although symbolic, since the industrial estate took precisely its name from the school located there, when the area was then little more than an open field. During the years of activity of the school, the statue of St. Augustine was placed on a pedestal in a small gazebo already inside the enclosure. The school taught for almost 50 years, until 2003.