Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (PS4) review

To a greater or lesser extent, Dragon Ball games have always been aimed at pure and hard combat. Yes, we have strategy games that go a bit out of the norm, like Super Dragon Ball Heroes, but with the exception of the saga Legacy of Goku of GBA and the MMORPG Dragon Ball Online -The latter never came to the West- we had never had a Dragon Ball RPG title in conditions for desktop video consoles. Until he arrived Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, a breath of fresh air that opens up promising new paths within the franchise

The game is developed by CyberConnect2, a studio that has delivered more than remarkable titles within the saga Ultimate Ninja Storm Naruto, a four-wheeler who knew how to wisely exploit the lore of the series by combining the inevitable combats that feed this type of games with small RPG elements and extremely faithful cinematic with the manga that in some cases were even more spectacular than in the own anime.

Therefore, expectations were really high. If we analyze Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot as a continuation of the Naruto Ninja Storm we can see a fairly clear evolution. On the one hand the RPG factor has been enhanced, including maps that do not become open world, although they are really extensive. And on the other, the fighting section has been lightened, with simplified controls that try to make us understand that fights are not the most important thing in this game.

And what is the most important thing about DBZ: Kakarot? The plot. Yes, surely you are up to the very dragon balls of reliving once again the same old story: Raditz, Vegeta's arrival on Earth, the trip to Namek, Frieza, etc. situations that have been exploited to the full in the hundreds of previous games related to the work of Akira Toriyama.

The love for small details

In those titles the story was nothing more than a vehicular excuse to chain a fight with the next one, but here is the very essence of the game. The sooner we assume it better: the really important thing is not how skilled you can be defeating the villain on duty. What is really going to hook you to DBZ: Kakarot is the way to reach that key moment in history. Goku teaching his son to fish, riding on the Kinton cloud, Son Gohan trying not to be eaten by a dinosaur, Piccolo fighting with a Gohan transformed into a giant monkey and destroying the moon in the face of such a walking danger, and so on.

All this acquires a much more relevant weight thanks to the incredible cinematic with which the course of history is bathed. Here we see the good tables that CyberConnect2 boys have acquired with Naruto titles, leaving aside the usual “Quick Time Events” to focus on pure and hard spectacularity. The story encompasses all Dragon Ball Z, from the arrival of Raditz to the Boo Saga, so there are many moments to remember. The soundtrack, with classic tracks taken directly from the anime, also paddles in the same direction, designed to awaken the most nostalgic side of the lifelong fan.

The first great Dragon Ball RPG

The RPG factor is represented by the collection of colored orbs and scattered objects along the maps, which will help us to develop our tree of techniques and skills. Likewise, we will also have to get Soul Emblems, some cards that represent the majority of secondary characters of the manga, and that we have to place in the Community Walls to obtain bonuses that will help us increase our ki, our health, defense and other variables. Some emblems that depending on how we use them will give us some bonuses or others.

All these improvements will be achieved by kicking the scenarios and performing side missions, which although they are not too complicated, help us improve the immersive experience of the game. Along the way we will also find a lot of NPCs and places from the early years of Dragon Ball, such as the Red Ribbon tower or the nice Mutenroshi turtle.

review dragon ball z kakarot

Very colorful fights but with very basic controls

The fighting, although they have very simple controls -similar to those of the reviled Jump Force-, are quite grateful and although they are not as technical as in other titles of the saga they fulfill their mission perfectly. It is also true that in some moments we can encounter certain camera problems, with slightly strange angles in which it is difficult for us to follow the action, but in general terms it is a small blur within a more than satisfactory set.

Final note: 8.5 / 10

In short, we are facing the first great Dragon Ball RPG for desktop consoles, with more than 80 hours of fun. A hottie for the nostalgic Toriyama series, which although it is somewhat simplistic in the fighting is one of the best ways to revive the most powerful sagas of the franchise, thanks to the careful interest in the detail that shows its developer , CyvberConnect2, and that we had not seen in previous Dragon Ball video games. A highly recommended adventure.

review dragon ball z kakarot
The perfect game for a rainy day.

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